Going Rogue Self-Reliance Expo In Texas

Going Rogue Events enable freedom lovers and independent thinkers – Rogues – to explore the ideas, knowledge and alternatives needed to achieve peace of mind and a secure, sustainable lifestyle.
  • We are about empowering people –building relationships and developing practices that are vital to a self-reliant community.
  • Our gatherings attract like-minded individuals, with concrete concerns, who share and seek enlightenment in a fun and stimulating atmosphere.
  • Going Rogue Events are people helping people down a path of freedom from the social, political, and financial entanglements that many get trapped in.
We’re not about doom and gloom. We do real life.
Our mission is to enlighten individuals, families and neighbors – with education, preparation and networking – to the power and sense of well-being that can be gained through self-reliance.

The More You Know, The Less You’ll Need

This is your invitation to learn with us at Going Rogue 2014. We’ll explore today’s important issues through lectures, workshops and lively conversations with our handpicked faculty and fellow attendees.

Read about some of the topics we’ll be covering:

The Internet is one of the finest and most powerful tools we humans have ever had at our disposal, and even though many groups abuse the Internet, and may increase this activity in the future, we can and should keep using it. But, securely.
Learn how you can be protected with a minimum of effort, and even how you can stay connected in the event of a complete Internet shut-down. Paul Rosenberg runs Cryptohippie and has a great deal to share about communication privacy.
James Rawles has been an enthusiastic survivalist since his teenage years. A former U.S. Army Intelligence officer, he is now a survivalist author and lecturer, and the editor of survivalblog.com. He’ll share his interests in preparedness. “…Don’t hesitate to relocate. Vote with your feet!”
Knut Andersen will reveal how to preserve and grow assets in good times and bad. Precious metals have been essential to freedom and prosperity for thousands of years. They are honest money, chosen by ordinary people, independent of any bank, regulator or national government. Rulers and empires have come and gone, but gold and silver were money 5,000 years ago, and they remain money today – and more important than ever.
Marjory Wildcraft was shocked when she realized that there wasn’t enough locally grown food in her area to provide vegetables for a single, small elementary school. Marjory’s life changed dramatically… and the results are impressive. The “Martha Stewart of Self-Reliance,” also known as the “Most Dangerous Woman in America,” produced a video tutorial now used by 250,000 people in more than 30 countries. Her motto: “Home Grown Food on Every Table.” We think you’ll find her passion contagious.
Kirk Elliott, Ph.D is an investment advisor in Durango, Colorado, and founder of Todaysamerica.com, where he posts video commentary, articles and documentaries that can be used in winning the battle for our culture and equipping a nation that is losing its freedom.