Life Changes Be Ready Self-Reliance Expo Organizer Cindy Thompson Talks Preparedness Education - Radio Interview

Cindy Thompson of Life Changes Be Ready Preparedness and Expos and her husband own Fortress Management and travel the country educating the masses about the important of self-reliance. Thompson’s latest expo in Lakeland, Florida was featured on CNN.

When asked how she and her husband embarked on a prepper lifestyle Cindy Thompson had this to say:
life changes“Our journey into prepping has its roots in being raised by parents and grandparents who lived a frugal, self-sustaining lifestyle filled with hunting and fishing, gardening and preserving what you shot, caught and grew in the garden. Their motto was “Eat all You Can and What you Can’t Eat, You Can.” This is the foundation upon which our journey as a family began in the late 80s and early 90s and has carried through to the present. With the financial uncertainty of the near future, being ready for any life changes makes even more sense today.”
Cindy Thompson’s Bio
As co-owner of Fortress Management Group, Inc., Cindy is a driving force behind the Life Changes. Be Ready! (  With a mission To awaken individuals, families and communities to the need for preparedness through education and training while also providing access to premium products that aid in the pursuit of a self-reliant lifestyle, the Life Changes. Be Ready!  Preparedness (LCBR) is a reflection of the calling Cindy feels on her life.
The Life Changes. Be Ready! events are first and foremost about education. Although the large scale expos are a major component in awakening individuals to the need to prepare, Fortress Management Group, Inc, is taking self-reliance education to the next level.  Cindy has been instrumental in building The Life Changes. Be Ready! Self-Reliance Academy which will launch in the first quarter of 2014.  The Academy will provide individuals with intensive, hands-on, skill building sessions with national experts in a variety of preparedness topics.
Cindy is a Management Professional with 15+ years of Business Management of acquisitions, strategic planning, fiscal administration, project management, and human resource management.  She attended the States Military Academy, West Point, obtained her BA degree from Furman University and her Master of Science Degree from the University of Arizona.

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