Miss The SOS Summer of Survival Webinar Series? Buy The Collection Now To Enhance Your Self-Reliance Skills!

The SOS Summer of Survival Online Webinar Series may e over but that does not mean you have entirely missed the opportunity to enhance your survival skills. SOS creators Cindy and Jim Thompson are now offering a complete video and audio set collection of the self-reliance experts presentations for sale. Visit the SOS Summer of Survival website to see detailed presentation descriptions and information about the background of the presenters involved: Survivor Jane, Survivalist Gardener Rick Austin, Melissa Norris, Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, and Richard Duarte - just to name a few. Don't forget to check out the emerging details about the SOS Summer of Survival Off Season webinar series as well.

The Summer of Survival Online Webinar Series live event is over, and it was a great success (see testimonials). If you missed any of the series webinars, you can still purchase the Summer of Survival Complete Collection. We’re not sure how much longer we’ll keep the Complete Collection available for purchase, so don’t miss your opportunity to purchase now.
 What’s better than 25 live webinars over 13 weeks from leading preparedness & survival experts through the summer of 2014? How about your own personal Survival Skills library with every minute of every session… plus special bonuses contributed by our field of experts… all in the 2014 Summer of Survival Complete Collection!
When you have the SOS Complete Collection you can watch and listen to the video from every session as often as you like from anywhere with an Internet connection, or download them to your own computer!
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When you purchase the SOS Complete Collection, you’ll receive access to our secure Members Area where you will find links to play/download the webinar videos and audios.
Altogether you get over 44 hours of premium survival education from Summer of Survival. And you get instant access as soon as every new webinar, Q&A session, and audio track is added to the SOS Complete Collection.
Plus you’ll discover bonus material available only in the SOS Complete Collection! You’ll see some of those bonuses described below, but we’ll be adding more bonuses throughout the summer, all of which will be added to your secure Members’ Area, so you’ll have access to everything as soon as it’s been added!

Here’s what you get in the 2014 Summer of Survival Complete Collection

  • MP4 videos of all 25 expert presentations (MP4 can be played on Windows or Mac systems)
  • MP3 audios of every expert presentation
  • MP3 audios of every live Q&A session
  • Full access to video & audio files — watch/listen online, or download for offline use.
  • Every bonus provided by our preparedness & survival experts!