Prepping Tips For Families With Special Needs Child Or Loved Ones

The Survivalist Prepper podcast interview with Patrick of Survival at Home fame is a wonderful source of guidance for those who are prepping with a special needs loved one. Listen to the prepper radio show interview by clicking here.

Excerpt from Survivalist Prepper:

"Preparing with a child or family member with special needs is not a cut and dry situation, how you prepare is directly linked to the needs of the family member you are preparing with. Family members that are elderly, disabled or have autism all require different needs on a daily basis.
Patrick of was good enough to be on the show this week with Lisa and I, he has a daughter Maggi that has special needs and gives us some incite about what life is like Preparing with a special needs child.
Patrick recently wrote an article titled “How to Be Prepared with a Special Needs Child” that also has some good information."