Survivor Jane Shares Survival Hygiene Tips During Radio Show Interview With Tara Dodrill

Survivor Jane will be the featured guest on this episode of Common Sense Prepping on the Prepper Broadcasting Network. The female preparedness phenom is the author of the viral Twitter hashtag – Preppertalk. She is currently involved with a special NatGeo project related to the new season of Doomsday Preppers, and is finishing work on her first book. Survivor Jane was just your typical career woman going about her daily life, until everything about her entire life perspective was altered during an attempted robbery. The old saying “the straw that broke the camel’s back” may be a cliché, but it accurately describes the scenario that prompted Jane to begin focusing on a more self-reliant existence.
survivor jane Jane makes and sells “Simply Survival Jewelry & Accessories” designed to meet both the preparedness and cosmetic needs of female preppers. The attractive and inexpensive accessories offered by the survival chick include paracord bracelets and ponytail holders in girlie colors – complete with bows. When asked how she became interested in living a more self-reliant lifestyle Survivor Jane said:
“By nature, I am a trusting person. And in fact, I was doing what came natural to me at the time of this incident. I was letting two people who were running down the sidewalk, seemingly in a great hurry, cross in front of my car before pulling out of the parking garage. What I didn’t know was they had just robbed someone at gun point and were looking for a getaway vehicle. Mine. Doors locked, they began pounding on the front and back passenger door windows with theirs guns. Luckily, a 911 call had been placed about the prior robbery, and in minutes my vehicle was surrounded by law enforcement vehicles. I was already a prisoner in my own home with security alarms and motion detector lights due to the escalating crime in my neighborhood.”

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