'Jake & Miller's Big Adventure' Preparedness Book For Kids Review

Prepping with kids poses some unique challenges. Teaching the youngsters self-reliance skills should begin at an early age and continue in an age appropriate manner as they grow. Coming from an education and coaching background, I felt compelled to include a chapter about the importance of introducing preparedness skills to children in my own book. When I was presented with Bernie Carr’s superb book, Jake & Miller’s Big Adventure, I was thrilled that such a wonderful resources was not available to prepping families.
Carr’s book belongs in the home library of every prepper mommy and daddy in America. Jake & Miller’s Big Adventure defines and introduces the concept of preparedness in an entertaining and easy to understand manner. The book will surely appeal to every preschool and early elementary school child that either reads or has the 32-page book read to them.
When faced with something unfamiliar, the first response is fear, even for many adults. Jake & Miller’s Big Adventure helps little ones understand that snowstorms, darkness, and other equally stark changes to their normal environment, are not cause for panic. Jake is a rather clever young man who paid attention when the adults in his life taught him about the importance of maps, flashlights, extra food and water, and other outdoor and survival skills. Jake repeatedly reassures his faithful canine companion that if they follow a plan and use both their minds and resources, they will arrive back home safely – and have a good time in the process.
Jake & Miller’s Big Adventure is definitely must-have preparedness tool for families with young children or grandchildren. As with any good read, Carr’s book will invoke thoughtful questions from the reader – or listener. After reading the book, present the child with their very own backpack and choose the items which should be placed inside, and how to use the, together as a family. If your child already has a bugout bag or get me home bag, open it up and compare what Jake and Miller used with what they have inside and allow the child to guide any additions he or she feels should go inside the bag and explain why they would be useful. Create your own adventure with a hand-drawn map of the neighborhood to help the youngster practice orienteering skills – the educational opportunities the book presents are nearly endless.
Bernie Carr is also the author of the Prepper’s Pocket Guide and the creator of the popular website, the ApartmentPrepper.com. Jake & Miller’s Big Adventure as expertly illustrated by Aja Wells.
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