Marathon County, Wisconsin Deploys ‘Military Tactics’ And SWAT To Collect Fine From Elderly Man

Marathon County, Wisconsin used “military style” tactics and deployed a SWAT team to collect a debt from an elderly man. Roger Hoeppner, 75, has been in a long court battle with his town over land use and $86,000 in fines imposed for work items “strewn across” his own property.
Roger Hoeppner retired from a paper factory and now runs a small pallet and tractor repair business on his 20 acres.

Screegrabs from a YouTube video taken on the Marathon County, Wisconsin property show several piles of neatly stacked wood pallets by a stand of trees which are visible from the road. A local court opted to levy a $500-per-day fine against Hoeppner in 2013 to convince him to comply with property clean-up orders.

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