Practical Tactical Reviews 'Power Grid Down'

In Power Grid Down, Tara Dodrill shines a light on what is one of the most insidious threats our technologically advanced (read dependent) society faces, the complete failure of the nation’s electrical power grid. If you know anything at all about this threat, you know it is a terrifying possibility, but our author immerses us in this stark reality and shows us how to get ready for just such a future.
In the first couple of chapters the author details how precariously fragile the system is and all the ways it could be taken down, touching on everything from terrorism to solar flares. You may have not been aware of the how truly vulnerable our electric grid is to disruption, but after reading this portion of the book you will never flip a switch without thinking about where your electricity comes from again.
Just as the doom of a possible non-electrified future begins to weigh heavy on your shoulders, our author pulls us forward and offers solutions that you can get to work on today. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on grid down communications. Read the entire review by clicking visiting Practical Tactical.