Agenda 21 Hitting Colorado?

Property rights and restricted land use for generations to come have caused concern for some Colorado residents. The land conservation easement tabled for the moment in the Palisades area and Mesa County, have renewed fears that Agenda 21 mandates are continuing to emerge in America.
Colorado county commissioner Scott McInnis is leading the effort to halt rubber stamp approval of all conservation easements which could have a massive impact on the rights of property owners decades into the future. McInnis is a recently elected county commissioner and former congressman. The Colorado conservation easement involves a 22-acre property which is largely comprised of peach and apricot trees.
If the land use agreement is ultimately passed, anyone who purchases the land in the future will be forced to adhere to stringent usage guidelines.While the current issue on the table is for just a modest amount of acreage by rural standards, McInnis and those oppose to the deal fear that similar past and future approvals could create an Agenda 21 atmosphere and have a negative impact on the local economy and overall property rights. Click here to read more about the Agenda 21 Colorado scenario.