Baltimore Riots Highlights Why Americans Should Prepare For Civil Unrest

The Baltimore riots sparked a resurgence of the Blue Lives Matter hashtag – #bluelivesmatter. The hashtag initially surfaced on social media during the Ferguson riots in response to the Black Lives Matter hashtag. Overnight, Americans from across the country tuned into their favorite 24/7 cable news station to watch the violence and carnage occurring in west Baltimore after the Freddie Gray funeral.
The Baltimore police were alerted to an alliance between three rival gangs, the Bloods, the Crips, and the Black Guerilla Family in the early afternoon hours yesterday. The gangs allegedly agreed to a partnership that would involve them putting aside the turf wars and violence they wage against one another and turn all their power and angst towards the police.

The Baltimore Police Department was placed on high alert over the warning just as another threat emerged against them on social media – this time the promise of chaos stemmed from local teenagers. Click here to read more about the #bluelivesmatter movement and the Baltimore riots.