Bird Flu Pandemic Warnings Issued, H7N9 Mutating, H5N2 Infecting Thousands Of Turkeys

The H5N2 bird flu strain was among the first to cause increased concerns for health and agriculture experts. The flu strain has killed 429 people in 16 countries since 2003 and infected almost 800 more. The H5N2 strain of the bird flu has already killed 15,000 turkeys in Minnesota alone. The most recent pandemic caused by a flu strain was the H1N1 swine flu outbreak in 2009. There are now reportedly 48 different subtypes of the flu virus. H7N- bird flu has killed 227 people since 2013 and infected 622 others.
The United States has some of the most fertile farm land in the entire world. Is there really a need for chicken imports from China in the first place? Protecting the sanctity of the food supply and taking steps to maintain a high level of food safety should be a top priority for the federal government. Relying on second hand information regarding the improvements being undertaken to thwart the various strains of bird flu materializing in China is not exactly reassuring for American consumers.
Growing your own food and stocking up on long term food storage buckets could make a substantial difference in the lives of your loved ones should a bird flu pandemic strike the United States.
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