Illegal Immigration: Will Current Polices Spark Economic Collapse And Decrease National Security?

Illegal immigration and immigration reform remains a major bone of contention in Congress, with a flurry of warring executive orders and law changes likely coming in the near future.
Does the current enforcement (or lack thereof) of existing immigration laws lay the groundwork for economic doom and increase national security risks? Folks who live in border states have been crying out for border security enforcement for decades and their voices got a lot louder last summer when hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant children walked across the line between Mexico and Texas.
State and local law enforcement officers have been struggling to maintain order and protect private property in border states and are often called to task for daring to adhere to federal laws. Several recent legal and fiscal issues could drastically impact American taxpayers not just in border states but around the country.

Joe Arpaio is being blocked for conducting illegal immigration workplace raids by a federal judge. The Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff and his attorneys are prepared to fight the court order. Sheriff Joe Arpaio had been conducting raids which targeted suspected illegal aliens working at Maricopa County businesses until Judge David Campbell ordered the actions stopped last week.
Sheriff Arpaio cannot engage in any more illegal immigrants workplace raids while the federal preliminary injunction remain in place. The Maricopa County raids reportedly resulted in approximately 1,000 identity theft arrests. The illegal immigration raids conducted by Sheriff Arpaio’s deputies sought individuals using fake or stolen Social Security numbers and other identifying documents in order to gain employment.
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