Jade Helm 15 – Everything You Need To Know About The Controversial Military Training Exercises

Jade Helm 15 conspiracy theories, facts, and speculation have dominated online headlines for weeks. The massive realistic military training to take place in seven states this summer has many preppers and Second Amendment extremely concerned. Operation Jade Helm rumors range from concerns about the abrupt Walmart store closings for the biggest plumbing problem in history to the surface-to-air missiles tests in Texas.
Operation Jade Helm involves 1,2000 special forces team members being dropped into seven southwestern states as a part of realistic military training exercises. The special operations military exercises has become highly controversial. The soldiers will be ordered to “operate undetected” among the civilian population in the western states. Jade Helm 15 is slated to begin in July and will last for eight weeks. For the purpose of training, residents in the entire states of Utah and Texas will be deemed “hostiles.”
Jade Helm will take place in both cities and small towns in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado. Some of the Army Special Forces teams will be dropped from airplanes while carrying traditional military weapons loaded with blanks. Jade Helm 15 has some concerned the drills are too realistic. Some Americans and Second Amendment activist groups have expressed concerns that the realistic military training exercises designed for Operation Jade Helm are merely thinly veiled drills to practice for future martial law orders.
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