No Thanks CNN: Prepping Star Turns Down Network Special Over Media Bias Concerns - Rick Austin Interview

Rick Austin, a best-selling author, survival expert, sought after speaker and television personality, turned down what many looking for publicity would have considered the opportunity of a lifetime – to be featured in a CNN special television series. Austin is the host of the number one rated show on the Preparedness Radio Network.
Austin, also known as the “Survivalist Gardener,” is a leader in the preparedness industry and one of the most recognizable self-reliance experts in the nation. Austin’s homesteading skills and survival advice have been featured on NatGeo’s Doomsday Preppers, Doomsday Castle, Mother Earth News, the American Survival Guide, and most recently, on a Newsweek’s Off Grid special edition – alongside the likes of Les Stroud from Discovery’s Survivor Man series.

Rick Austin and his wife, “Survivor Jane,” a significant self-reliance personality herself, were spotlighted in the highest rated Doomsday Preppers episode of all time. Survivor Jane created the viral Twitter hashtag, #preppertalk. The survival focused couple also garnered the most positive comments social media comments in the history of the series.

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