Pandemic Concerns Mount As CDC Labs Deemed 'Not Credible' After Safety Review

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is once again under fire amid decreased public confidence about the keeping of deadly and pandemic capable substances held in the agency's labs.
Biohazard safety experts recently conducted a review of the CDC labs and found them to be "not credible" under existing safety and security protocols. Good news for potential terrorists, but bad news for Americans.
The CDC investigating team found that their is "inadequate" leadership and safety training at the government labs which are tasked with handling and storing some of the deadliest substances on the planet.
CDC lab "mishaps" have reportedly left staffers potentially exposed to viruses such as Anthrax, the bird flu, and Ebola. Last July, Smallpox vials which were found at a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention facility in Maryland were tested and deemed still active, or “alive,”  The six vials were left in an unsecured storage area since the 1950s. It will took two weeks of testing by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta before the exact nature of the smallpox virus was realized. Additional testing revealed “evidence of growth” in at least two of the Smallpox vials. Once the Smallpox testing completed, the CDC reportedly destroyed all six of the Smallpox vials under the supervision of the World Health Organization. Click here to read more about the CDC labs report.