Weaponized Weather Fears Voiced By CIA? Is Our Food Supply Safe?

If the government, any government, can manipulate the weather, what does that mean for our food supply? Weaponized weather tensions could lead to a World War 3, according to some scientists. Tampering with Mother Nature is a scary thought. What if something goes wrong when the scientists attempt to make clouds pour rain during a drought? What if a rogue nation is more advance in weather warfare than us and uses their skills to wreak havoc during the growing season?
Weaponized weather may sound like science fiction or a whacko conspiracy theory, but it is allegedly a real possibility. Russia and North Korea might be able to control the weather, according to alleged concerns by CIA officials in the geoengineering field. CIA staffers are reportedly fearful that “hostile nations” are attempting to “manipulate” weather around the globe. Click here to read the rest of the chemtrails weaponized weather report.