Do The Alleged Russian Seizure Plans Of An Ukrainian Port Cause World War 3 Concerns?

Russia appears to be on a journey to re-establish itself as a world power. Vladimir Putin and his underlings rarely ever miss a chance to mock President Barack Obama on his lack of machismo on social networking websites. Beginning with flyover by Russian bombers last fall, to the national headlines about Russian spies in the United States, and most recently increase hostilities in the Ukraine, Russia seems laser-focused on becoming a country to be reckoned with on the global stage.
Is World War 3 looming around the next corner? Could a scene from the cult classic '80s movie Red Dawn actually occur on American soil? The United States must not be so focused on fighting the war on terror and the not-so "JV" threat posed by ISIS that our leaders neglect to recognize the other emerging cloud on the horizon.
Russia is planning to invade the Ukraine port of Mariupol this spring, according to at least one top United States intelligence official. Vladimir Putin reportedly considers the Ukrainian port a “strategic” location.
 Vladimir Putin’s alleged plan to seize the Ukrainian port of Mariupol would reportedly include boots on the ground assistance by pro-Moscow rebels. If the port does come under Russian control, Putin would essentially have a “land bridge” and solid supply right in the Crimea region. Click here to read the rest of the Russian threats of World War 3 report.