Emergency Alert System Vulnerabilities Could Allow Terrorists To Manipulate A Disaster

The United States Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) is as vulnerable to cyber hackers as the power grid itself. A security review of the EAS revealed that terrorists could hack into the system and send false orders to first responders during and emergency and send inaccurate information to Americans who have suddenly found themselves in the middle of a disaster zone.

The recent Baltimore riots, Ferguson riots and Boston Marathon bombing clearly illustrated how quickly a typical American neighborhood can be turned into a war zone. Maneuvering home safely during a period of civil unrest would be a dangerous enough endeavor without those who caused the chaos garnering control of the radio waves and internet to further their violent goals.

The United States Emergency Alert System (EAS) has “critical vulnerabilities” according to a recent review by IOActive, a security firm. The ability of the federal government to warn citizens about man-made and natural disasters is key to the survival of the populace. The IOActive Emergency Alert System report stated what would likely unfold if cyber hackers could broke into the system and broadcast fake warning messages to American citizens. Click here to read more about threats to the EAS system and how to prepare your family for such a SHTF scenario.