Preparedness Tips - Medical Preps: Coconut Oil Uses

Coconut oil has almost limitless uses and should be a part of both your first aid kit and your stored preps. Just as when purchasing essential oils and the natural wonder tea tree oil, there are various grades of coconut oil. The expensive versions of coconut oil might be ultra-fabulous, but the $2.50 jars of organic oil I but at Aldis work so well I have never been tempted to dig deeper in my pocket and try the more costly varieties.

In addition to all of the many great edible uses for coconut oil, the natural white substance also is believed to have healing and moisturizing properties as well. Medium level fatty acids abound in coconut oil. This type of fatty acids are known to be able to delve deep into the fungal membrane and kill the invading fungus while stimulating healing.

Coconut oil also possesses lauric acid. When lauric acid and glycerol are combined, monolaurin is formed. A multitude of studies have reportedly shown that monolaurin prevents the “lipid envelope” of the virus which causes cold sores, to spread. Applying coconut oil to sores on and around the lips several times each day will help heal the sores quickly and reduce discomfort. Click here to read the coconut oil uses.