Prepper Camp 2015 - Why Going To Camp Could Save Your Life

Daylight savings time might be making us all a little bit sleepy this week, but the turning up of the clocks also signals one very important thing – the pending arrival of spring. The winter that seemed like it would never end will finally be drawing to a close. All of us bargain hunters often consider spring the start of “yard sale season.” While I am looking forward to short-sleeves weather and tables full of on the cheap potential preps dotting front yards around America, I am even more excited about the beginning of a new prepper expo season.

Preparedness conventions and expos abound in the spring and summer months. Such events have become so popular and profitable that indoor expos are being created on a smaller scale even during the chilly winter months. I have attended and been a presenter at prepper expos, and interviewed organizers of events held around the nation. Although most are great event hosted by folks knowledgeable about self-reliance, others are merely glorified trade shows.

A new kid on the survival block emerged last year, Prepper Camp™, and took the preparedness community by storm. The camp, which was the brainchild of Survivalist Gardener Rick Austin, focused on preparedness education. Many hands went into the planning and operation of Prepper Camp™ 2014, as Rick is quick to point out, but it was well worth the effort – and the drive regardless of where you live in the country. This is not an empty claim or a paid endorsement.

We drove 10 hours pulling a trailer stacked full of firewood and primitive camping gear to get to Saluda, North Carolina where Prepper Camp™ was held at the Orchard Lake Campground. About nine hours into the trip, my husband Bobby’s Blazer had what we thought was a radiator issue – the smell of an overheating vehicle at night on the side of a mountain is most assuredly not a welcome scent. Since we were virtually straddling a state line and in the middle of no where, AAA got very confused about which office in which state should come to our aid. Click here to read the rest of the Prepper Camp 2015 report.