Raising A Self-Reliant Child: Educational Choices For Prepping Families

Raising a self-reliant child is a priority for prepping families, as it should be for all American families. There are multiple educational choices open to parents in most states.Prepper parents are typically focused on the same academic goals as non-survivalist parents – we just also want out children to learn self-reliant skills, and garner a greater sense of independence and responsibility in the process.

The number of homeschooling families has increased exponentially in recent years. The amount of charter schools across the country have also grown at a surprising rate. Parents opt out of mainstream schools for a vast array of reasons, safety, academic quality, and concern about indoctrination are usually near the top of the list.

Government Schools

There is the traditional public school, or government school, as those us who have grown disgruntled with the institution often call it. Nearly my entire family worked in public education, both in paid and elected positions. I worked in a rural public school for a decade, and left once I began to feel like a factory worker and saw the joy of learning evaporating from the academic process.

Charter Schools and Private Schools

Private schools and charter schools are both good alternatives to government schools, but both types of educational facilities have drawbacks from a self-reliance and prepper family perspective. Few charter or public schools exist in rural areas, making geographic limitations the first checkmark in the negative column for those education options. Cost is also a drawback as both carter school and private school tuition can come with a hefty price tag. Click here to read the rest of the raising a self-reliant child educational options for prepping families report.