Superweeds Threatening The Food Supply?

Superweeds spawned by genetically modified practices by industrial farms, small family farms, and backyard growers, continue to threaten our food supply safety and security.

Both organic growers and those concerned about food security will be dismayed to learn that stronger chemical herbicides are being introduced to combat the hard-to-kill gigantic weeds which have been plaguing farmers for the past several years.

In addition to the battle against superweeds, there is a  new agricultural threat emerging - the self-pollinating peach tree. Since our necessary little pollinators, honeybees, are dying off in record numbers, a self-pollinating tree is good news right? Wrong.

A Sherif Sherif research team has revealed that a recently gene in peach trees that allows the plant self-pollinate rather instead of relying upon an outside source to grow and reproduce. If the self-pollinating gene were inserted into GMO crops, it could result in their numbers contamination of farming lands across the country. Click here to read the rest of the superweeds report.