Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fourth Of July ISIS Terrorsim Threats Prompt Creation Of FBI Command Centers

FBI command centers have been created across the country in response to possible ISIS terrorism attacks on the Fourth of July. Federal agents in all 56 field officers are reportedly on heightened alert at the July 4 holiday weekend nears.

Federal Bureau of Investigation sources told Fox News that local, state and FBI law enforcement agencies quickly relaying tips and information about possible ISIS terror attacks on the 4th of July weekend to the command centers and bureau officials will determine how the potential incidents will be responded to by agents. Click to read the rest of my FBI command centers staffed for ISIS 4th of July terror threats report on the Inquisitr.

Power Grid Cyber Attack Vulnerabilites Increase, Warns Former Defense Secretary

The power grid is vulnerable to a terrorist attack, former Secretary of Defense William Cohen. A direct assault on the electrical system would cause chaos and civil unrest throughout the country, the former government official said. Natural disasters, such as Carrington Event level solar flares, could also take down the power delivery system nationwide.

William Cohen was a Republican Senator from Main and is currently serving as the CEO and chairman of The Cohen Group. Cohen recently released a new thriller, Collision, which is published by Forge Books. Cohen served as secretary of defense under President Bill Clinton from 1997-2001. Click to read the rest of my power grid terror attack on the Inquisitr.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Agenda 21 Tactics Emerging Once Again, This Time In Colorado

Agenda 21 concerns have been raised in Colorado during a debate over private land and fruit trees – and the issue is one that counties all across the United States are tackling.

Scott McInnis, a recently elected Mesa County commissioner and former US congressman, has voiced concerns over what is called a “conservation easement” in the Palisade area in the county.
The conservation easement request is from owners of a 22-acre property which is encompassed by apricot and peach trees.
 Supporters of conservation easements say they actually protect private land; under the legal agreement the landowner agrees to donate property rights to a “land trust,” and the owner in return receives tax credits and supposedly peace of mind that his or her land is protected.

One popular supporter of easements is the Land Trust Alliance, which says conservation easements permanently limit “uses of the land in order to protect its conservation values.” More than 6 million acres of land in the US involves conservation easements, the alliance said.
Read the rest of my Agenda 21 report on Off The Grid News.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Big Government Says Deleting Your Browser History Could Get You 20 Years In Prison

Clear your browser history lately? If you did, you may have committed a federal crime and could wind up spending up to 20 years behind bars.

As ridiculous as that may seem, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, a federal statute meant to address an entirely different purpose, is now being contorted and used in a way that could affect every American who dares to delete Internet searches on their own devices.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed after the Enron scandal. Company executives, or their underlings, reportedly shredded each and every document which they felt could incriminate them, according to TheNation.com, which as part of an in-depth report explored the history behind the law and how it has been abused. It was passed with the intention of thwarting similar behavior by other corporations in the future.
Read the rest of my deleting your browser history report on Off The Grid News.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Prepper Camp Presenter Highlights - Learn Survival Canning Techniques With Kendra Lynne

Kendra Lynne and her family of six began their homesteading adventures back in 2008. Over the years, she has become proficient in canning everything from fruits and veggies, to meats, beans, and meals-in-a-jar. She enjoys teaching these skills to people who are interested in learning to can as well as people who would just like to learn to can more. 

Recently Kendra produced an instructional DVD, At Home Canning: For Beginners and Beyond, with the hopes of teaching a new generation how to preserve the harvest as well as teaching new tricks to long-time canners. In this almost 2 hour long DVD, Kendra demonstrates how to can jellies, sauces, juice, veggies, beans, chicken, beef, spaghetti sauce, and several meals-in-a-jar.

Kendra shares her family’s homesteading adventures as well as canning tutorials on her website: http://newlifeonahomestead.com

Gun Insurance Requirement Coming Soon?

Second Amendment infringement may be on the horizon again, with so-called “gun insurance” added to the list of requirement to purchase and carry firearms.

US Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D.-N.Y.) has introduced a gun control bill that would mandate that every American who wants to own a gun also purchase and carry liability insurance as well.

The Firearm Risk Protection Act, H.R. 2546, was unveiled in late May and would require that gun owners buy liability insurance coverage before being permitted to buy a handgun or a rifle from a store or dealer. A $10,000 fine would be levied if a gun owner is caught without gun insurance.
The only exemptions would be members of the military and law enforcement officers.

“We require insurance to own a car, but no such requirement exists for guns,” Maloney said. “The results are clear: Car fatalities have declined by 25 percent in the last decade, but gun fatalities continue to rise. One reason is that auto insurance incentivizes precautions that reduce accidents, and make crashes less deadly. No similar incentives exist for gun owners.”

Maloney, one of the more liberal members of Congress, claimed it was a “free market” bill. Read the rest of my gun insurance bill report on Off The Grid News.

Water Table ‘Dropping All Over The World,’ NASA Repoort Says

Is the world about to run out of drinkable water? A new NASA report does not indicate we will all be dying of thirst in the near feature, but it does paint a grim picture of the state of the world’s largest underground aquifers.

According to the NASA report that used satellite imagery, 21 of the 37 largest aquifers in the world have passed their sustainability tipping points, and 13 are considered “significantly distressed.” The aquifers are located around the globe, from India to the United States, and more water is being drawn from the underground water reserves than is being replaced.

“Significant segments” of the world’s population “are consuming groundwater quickly without knowing when it might run out,” NASA said. The depletion escalates during droughts.
Underground aquifers can take thousands of years to fill and only “recharge” from rainfall and snow melt slowly over time.

Although unknown to many Americans, aquifers are the source for much of our drinking water as well as the watering of crops – particularly out West and in the Heartland. It’s the first study to comprehensively examine groundwater loss using data from space.
Read the rest of my world's aquifers running out of water report on Off The Grid News.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Super Storm Long Overdue, Experts Warn

Are you prepared for a super storm of historic magnitude to hit the United States? If the answer is "no" or "maybe" you had best work on your prepping plan ASAP. Weather experts at MIT and a host of severe storm tracking agencies from around the country are warning that the nation is "long overdue" for a disastrous monster storm.

A disastrous storm of epic proportions would have immediate and severe effects on those who live in or around the heart of the impacted area. The domino effect which would occur in the days and weeks after such a massive monster storm could be felt on a far broader scale. If a monster storm hit the Gulf Coast, the fuel supply would be interrupted and cause gas prices to soar once again.

A mega storm would likely take down a significant portion of the power grid and leave those even 100 miles away in the dark. When Superstorm Sandy rocked the New Jersey coast in 2012, millions of largely unprepared people were without power for weeks. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) statistics, there have been 645 hurricanes between the months of September and November since 1851. In comparison, only 321 hurricanes formed from June through August during the same time period.

Weather-related events were the primary cause of power outages from 2007 to 2012, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers infrastructure report card. Power grid reliability issues are emerging as the greatest threat to the electrical system. The ASCE grade card also notes that retiring and rotating in new energy sources is a complex process.
Click here to read the rest of my Super Storm Long Overdue report on Survival Based.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Prepper Camp Speaker Highlights - Survivalist Gardner Rick Austin Shares Life-Saving Food Production Tips

Rick Austin is not only appearing at Prepper Camp again this year, he has been "herding cats" to bring the massive hands-on 3-day prepper expo to a state of perfection since the day the 2014 event ended.

Rick Austin is known as the Survivalist Gardener, and is a preparedness, homesteading and off grid living expert. He is the author of Secret Garden of Survival-How to Grow a Camouflaged Food Forest which is now the #1 Best Selling book in Garden Design. 

 Rick is also the author of the Secret Greenhouse of Survival, How to Build the Ultimate Homestead and Prepper Greenhouse.

 Rick has been featured on National Geographic Channel’s Doomsday Castle, Doomsday Preppers, the documentary film Beyond Off Grid, as well as in Newsweek, American Survival Guide, Prepper & Shooter Magazine and in Mother Earth News (twice).

 You can also hear Rick on his radio show Secrets of a Survivalist where each week he talks with the world’s best survival experts that share their own secrets of survival.

"Nature doesn’t have pesticides or fertilizers, and we have had berry bushes and fruit trees without any help or intrusion from man for centuries. Turning soil over is another bad idea, because it loses nutrients. Planting in straight rows is also not a good idea. Mechanized farming has been around since about WWII. Chemical companies which made bombs for the war effort grew fast and ultimately found themselves with nothing to do after World War II ended – then along came fertilizer. Chemical companies told farmers that fertilizer would help grow more plants more quickly in the same space, instead of letting nature take its course,” Rick said.

Listen to Tara Dodrill's interview with Survivalist Gardener Rick Austin.

Check Out Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with American Preppers Radio on BlogTalkRadio with American Preppers Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio

Becoming An Active Prepper, A Conversation with Tara Dodrill On The Doctor Prepper CPR Radio Show

Tara Dodrill, a preparedness, off-grid, and sustainable living writer, was the guest of honor on the Doctor Prepper CPR Talk Show. Her current preparedness writing and blogging interests include Off The Grid News, Prepper and Shooter Magazine, eFoodsDirect, The Prepared Family blog, and her weekly radio show on the Preparedness Radio Network.

"She has a refined talent for distilling information into straightforward and interesting conversation—and her experience in communication is certainly a honed skill. She’s short of sassy, but she’s point on with her explications. You won’t find many people with her insight in the preparedness industry. Tara is a Libertarian gal currently living in rural southern Ohio with her family and a growing group of rescued shelled, furry, and feathered critters. The discussions with Tara are worth the time"

Dow's Controversial 2,4-D Chemical Herbicide 'Possibly' Causes Cancer

Dow AgroSciences weed killer, 2,4-D, “possibly” causes cancer, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The chemical herbicide is widely used on American farmers. The 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid weed killer was recently reviewed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

The Dow weed killer, 2,4-D, has now been classified as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” by the IARC. The classification is just one step below the “probably carcinogenic” category. The findings of the WHO and IARC study have been highly anticipated by both American consumer groups and environmental activists that have been lobbying for far more stringent regulations relating to the chemical herbicide. Some farmers have defended the use of 2,4-D and claim that the weed killer created by the biotech giant is a necessary agent in food production.
Click here to read the rest of my Dow Agrosciences 2,4-D report on the Inquisitir.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Long Term Food Storage Deals You Can Find At The Grocery Store

Long-term food storage is an extremely important aspect of prepping and off the grid living. Making sure that your family can survive a disaster, regardless of the duration, is rightfully a top priority. Scoring bargains and understanding what should be stocked on the shelves will help stretch the food preparedness budget further.

Although grocery store preps may not have as long as shelf life as tastier versions of military MRE style meals do, supplementing your food stores with such low-cost items is a great way to bolster food stores and save money at the same time. Keeping a food preparedness inventory with “best if used by” dates listed will ensure that you rotate your supply and do not lose money by wasting food.

Growing your own shelf stable food is always the most inexpensive and healthy option. But, when you cannot grow or raise all the food you need, long-term food items must be purchased as a part of the family’s overall preparedness plan. A multitude of long-term food storage companies now exist, and prices and taste vary greatly among the shelf stable producers.

Click here to read the rest of my grocery store long term food storage deals report on Survival Based.

Top 5 Places To Score Cheap Preps

Bartering is becoming more commonplace in our struggling economy. Bartering for preps is occurring both in person and via virtual marketplaces online. Bartering deals often involve both tangible items and trades for services and skills training. Opportunities to swap unwanted items or share your skills exist both on-site and online. To take full advantage of the increasingly popular bartering economy, you have to know both what to buy and where to look for the best deal.

When searching for future bartering items, make sure to include medical products, hand tools, and other items which can be used during a power grid down scenario. Batteries and flashlights will likely be sought after items during both short term and long term disasters.

While at a yard sale, flea market, or auction, it is easy to become either overwhelmed or fall into the over-buying trap. Make a list of items you consider quality bartering options and search for them first and attempt to refrain from buying other items until you have viewed all there is to offer and marked the primary needs off your list due to unavailability, price, or condition.

Click here to read the rest of my Top 5 Places to Score Cheap Preps report on Survival Based.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Agenda 21 Concerns Increase In America

Agenda 21 has attracted the attention of lawmakers across the country, finally, - but the masses in America are still virtually unaware of the potential threat to property rights and states rights posed by the biodiversity plan.

A detailed map of America created by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity shows exactly what the country would look like if the United Nations Agenda 21 plan takes hold in the United States. The Bundy ranch and Tommy Henderson Texas ranch battles with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) caused some to grow more concerned about the amount of land already owned by the federal government and a perceived push to utilize environmental laws to pressure residents away from rural growing and grazing areas.
The United Nations Agenda 21 biodiversity plan is a voluntary and non-binding resolution is reportedly focused only solely on sustainable development. A total of 178 United Nations countries adopted the Agenda 21 plan in 1992. The global initiative is based upon a program which would in theory abolish poverty and protect “fragile environments” by properly managing cities.

The United States is a signatory country to Agenda 21. Congressional approval was not required to become a signatory since the plan is non-binding. In America alone, more than 500 large and moderate-sized cities are members of an international sustainability organization that reportedly supports the implementation of Agenda 21.

Click here to read the rest of my Agenda 21 report on Survival Based.

Prepper Camp Speaker Highlights - Charley Hogwood To Appear At Premiere Prepper Expos

Personal Readiness Education Programs (P.R.E.P) owner Charley Hogwood will be among the featured speakers at Prepper Camp in Saluda, North Carolina this fall. I firmly feel everyone concerned about self-reliance and survival should attempt the second annual 3-day hands-on expo, but unfortunately such a massive prepper get together is just possible due to space limitations and the budget constraints of prepping families. 

Being unable to attend Prepper Camp this year does not mean you have to miss the wisdom and tips offered by Hogwood - and other presenters as well. Of course, actually being there is always the most exciting and rewarding option, you can still learn more about the role and important of mutual assistance groups by purchasing Charley's book, The Survivalist Group Handbook and listening to him on preparedness radio shows.

Charley  Hogwood has many years of experience in the military as a Reconnaissance Scout and Infantry Squad Leader     where his job was to train and lead people of various skill levels and personalities    in a multitude of missions in the field.

 After leaving the service Charley has spent many years in project management and business development. His work has been primarily in the field of utility infrastructure.
Charley holds several State Certified Construction licenses,  has  35 FEMA certifications  and a certificate in Emergency Management.    

He took his passion of preparedness to work by creating Personal Readiness Education Programs    where he trains people in the ways of survival and preparedness.

Through this experience  he wrote the first book ever written on the subject of developing groups in survival. Charley now travels and speaks on how to build survival groups and how to fix one that isn’t working. 

P..R.E.P About Us Excerpt

From harsh economic times to record setting natural disasters, the average American citizen has had to learn how to adapt to the new normal.

The year 2011 tied with the 2008 record for disaster damage, with 9 disasters costing $1 billion or more and the trends are continuing. The unemployment rate has seen record highs, and the federal government is scrambling to make ends meet and the public seems more divided than ever. In these uncertain times, it’s important to be prepared for any kind of crisis, whether it’s economic, weather related, geopolitical turmoil, civil unrest or even job loss.

At P.R.E.P., our goal is to teach you, your family, and your business how to go from reactive, to proactive. By using hazard analysis, risk assessment and impact analysis methodologies we will help you identify what to really worry about and how to reduce those impacts on you. We’ve taken our years of experience in disaster preparedness and refined volumes of information in order to bring you the best in both skills and supplies. From our personalized disaster plans to our skills classes, we will help you be confident in your ability to weather any storm.

Check Out Education Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with American Preppers Radio on BlogTalkRadio with American Preppers Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Top 12 Emergency Fire Starters

Everyone needs to learn how to start a fire and pack lightweight materials in their bugout bag or get home bag to help accomplish the task. A fire will keep frostbite from occurring, allow you to cook what you trapped or shot while hiking home through the woods after disaster, and can be used to purify water for drinking or medical treatment. Rubbing two sticks together obviously works, but is not as easy to do as it looks in the movies. Matches and lighters are great, until they get wet, break, get lost, or it is very windy outside.

Top 12 Fire Starters
1. Save your dryer lint and wrap it like a piece of candy inside a five inch strip of wax paper. Twist the tightly or even secure with a piece of string to keep the dryer lint inside. Simply place the fire starter in the middle of some twigs or inside a teepee made with twigs and get a fire going quickly. Toilet paper rolls with the ends turned in to secure the dryer lint can be used in place of the wax paper to make the project even more economical.

Click here to read the rest of my top 12 fire starters report on Survival Based.

Preparedness Radio Network - Survivalist Gardener Rick Austin Intervews Tara Dodrill

Listen to Secrets of a Survivalist - Rick Austin and Tara Dodrill podcast.

"In this episode, Rick interviews Tara Dodrill, who offers analysis of current events from a Libertarian point of view. She is a staunch supporter of both the Constitution and the Second Amendment. Dodrill is also an off-grid enthusiast who frequently writes about natural health remedies and ecotourism. Her previous credits include Yahoo News, USA Today, The Inquisitr, Off The Grid News, eFoodsDirect, Survival Life, Survival Based and a stint as a local newspaper editor."


Saturday, June 20, 2015

What Is Papercrete? Earth-Friendly And Cheap Building Material All Preppers Should Learn More About!

Papercrete is the ultimate building material for preppers, homesteaders, and off grid living enthusiasts. Not only is the building material incredibly inexpensive and Earth-friendly, it is also extremely durable.

Papercrete building blocks are most often made by upcycling used or discarded paper products with a sturdy frame of possibly rebar and metal lath added for support as well.

Building prepper retreat, homestead, or an off the grid home is most commonly done on a tight budget with self-sufficiency in mind. Paper concrete,, or papercrete homes are not exactly a new concept, but one that is undergoing a rapid resurgence and expansion around the world. Canvas concrete style temporary structures have been used by the military for many decades.

Click here to read more full report about papercrete on Survival Life.

Prepper Camp Tentative Class Decriptions Overview - Don't Miss This 3-Day Hands-On Prepper Expo In September!

Prepper Camp is a 3-day total immersion hands-on preparedness event. Calling Prepper Camp a prepper expo does not do it justice. A true prepper community is formed almost immediately after you check in and set up your camp or toss your belongings into a cabin. Some of the best survival experts from around the nation appear at Prepper Camp and offer interactive and preparedness education presentation WITH not just TO the crowd.

My experience at the first Prepper Camp in 2014 was incredible from start to finish. OK, I could have skipped the breaking down in the mountains on the way there part, but other than that, no one at the camp wanted to leave when Survivalist Gardener Rick Austin called the event to a close.

Tickets are truly selling out fast, so gets yours soon if you want to be surrounded by the beauty of the North Carolina hills, communing with like-minded folks, and learning preparedness skills that one day soon could save the lives of your family.

Latest course description information from the Prepper Camp website.

Following are detailed descriptions of many of the classes we have tentatively scheduled for you at Prepper Camp 2015.  
We are adding more detail- so please bear with us as, not all classes are listed yet.Daily Class Schedules: will be posted sometime in the future.  Make sure to sign up for Updates!
Scheduled Classes (in alphabetical order)


Alternative Power Solutions-  Solar Power And Other Off Grid Options

Matt Gibson
 When considering alternative power solutions you need to look at all the generator options, including solar, natural gas, propane, gasoline and Diesel. How do you determine generator sizing?  What is Safe Back-feeding? What are the best uses for solar power, what are the costs, benefits, and long term issues when using solar power vs. other off grid options? What do you use for energy storage, how do you convert battery power to Alternating Current to run household items, and those you will need in a grid down situation?  How to your protect it from EMPs and other issues? What about the SunRNR solar power system? Find out all this and more, at this seminar.

Ammunition Reloading- Ongoing Demonstration 

Shannon Frazier
Learn different reloading set-ups from LEE hand tools to a progressive home ammo plant. Learn how to cast bullets, reuse metal casings, and how to coat cast bullets with a polymer, to avoid the traditional coating of lead bullets with grease and wax that can gunk up semi-automatic firearms.

Archery for Survival and Preparedness

Scott Moore
Obtaining his first bow at the age of 9, Scott Moore cut his teeth as a bow hunter pursuing small game in the hedges and corn rows of central Ohio.  Harvesting his first deer in 1975 with a 45lb recurve bow, Scott now draws from an experience base of 38 successful hunting seasons and has harvested over 100 big game animals.
Does archery have a place in a survival/preparedness situation?  Find out why a simple bow and arrow might just be your primary weapon and hunting companion, in a grid down situation.  

Beekeeping- Natural Techniques

Fred Nichols
Honey is nature’s  perfect food.  And honey is one of nature’s most potent internal and external medicines.  Honey can store for as long as civilized man has existed.  (They have found edible honey in Egyptian tombs!) You can use it for preserving, as a sweetener, and even to make alcoholic beverages. (Mead- honey wine- was one of man’s first alcoholic beverages.)
If you are a prepper, then you need honey.  In order to have honey, you need honey bees.  In order to have honey bees, you need to take care of them in the most natural fashion, so that they work with you to produce the most amount of honey, with the least amount of stress on the colony.
Fred Nichols has been involved in beekeeping and other natural practices for most of his life.Today, Fred lives a preparedness lifestyle, attends to his honey bees, collects honey and builds and sells alternative style bee hives and equipment.

(Prepping with) Big Flavors- Good Tasting Food -Made from Your Food Storage

Grannie Pam
One of the biggest problems for any prepper (after they survive the End of the World as We Know It) is going to be food fatigue. No one wants to go from a life of flavorful food, to eating just beans and rice the rest of their lives.  
And good tasting meals can be a huge morale booster for your family and survival group.  Learn how Grannie Pam takes bland food stores, and with just a little of this, and a pinch of that- turns them into a flavorful and healthy meal that people are happy to eat, in any situation.
Grannie Pamis an expert in food preparation, food storage, canning, lacto-fermentation for the production of sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles, dehydration, cheese making, and working with sourdough.  She is the author of "Grannie Pam's Favorite Recipes" and "Grannie Pam's Prepping With Big Flavors". 

Blacksmithing on the Cheap

Andrew Pitts
"Blacksmithing on the Cheap" is an introductory class designed to assist individuals get started in blacksmithing without spending a lot of money. Many people get interested in blacksmithing, but then realize that the typical costs of a forge and equipment are too expensive. This class will show you how they did it in the old days, and how you can be a blacksmith, without all the costs. Topics covered will include: the history of blacksmithing, tools and improvised tools, construction of a two brick forge, things you can make with a two brick forge, and of course, safety.

Bugging Out - By Boat

Dale Stewart
In an emergency, disaster, or grid down situation, you may not be able to “get out of Dodge” using conventional roads, on foot or even by bicycle-ask anyone who tried to evacuate before Hurricane Katrina.  Sometimes the fastest, safest, and most undetectable way to bug out, is by boat.  Rivers, lakes, swamps and ponds may be your best avenue of escape in a time of crisis. 
Dale Stewart is known worldwide as a naturalist, explorer, adventurist, conservationist, and host of the syndicated radio show, Natures Edge. He has devoted much of his life to exploring the planet’s remotest rivers and living with and learning from indigenous people he met along the way. His experiences have been filmed for the History, Discovery and Travel Channel.
In this seminar, Dale will show you how to effectively and quietly bug out by boat. And he will even show you what’s in his bug out boat at the Prepper Camp waterfront! 

 Bug Out Bags– What You Really Need to Know

 Vince DeNiro
 Vince will discuss the Bug-Out-Bag and the items that are contained in the pack; what to listen to on shortwave radio;  firearms for bug-out survival (types to have, laws, 2nd Amendment, etc.); herbal remedies to have, the car kit, NBC kit, etc.
Vince will also explain how to use his Primary Survival Firearms Evaluation System to rate your rifles for your environment and the survival scenarios which you are prepping for. 


Rich Davis
Learning how to efficiently and safely butcher animals is an important skill for any one interested in preparedness and homesteading.  Learn how to humanely dispatch an animal and how to go through the process of creating cuts of meat from an animal. This will be a real, and graphic demonstration, so know that in advance. 

Canning Basics

Kendra Lynne
In this class Kendra will be going over the basics of canning, including:
·         Why the skill of canning is so important to learn;    Water bath canners- how and when to use them;          Pressure canners- how and when to use them;    Canning jars and lids: different sizes and uses;  Tools and other canning equipment you'll need;  How to can meats and meals in a jar;  Canning outdoors or over a fire;  Canning safety and how to avoid food poisoning; Proper storage of home canned foods; and Kendra's favorite recipes for home canned goods.


Cheese Making- From Food Storage?!

Grannie Pam
Nobody likes powdered milk- do they?  But you almost have to have powdered milk, if you are going to be able to store that kind of protein for the long term.
 But Grannie Pam can show you  how you can use powdered milk from food storage to make a tasty  30 minute Mozzarella cheese plus  a Ricotta cheese at the same time-(made from the left over whey)!
 Grannie Pamis an expert in food preparation, food storage, canning, lacto-fermentation for the production of sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles, dehydration, cheese making, and working with sourdough.  She is the author of "Grannie Pam's Favorite Recipes" and "Grannie Pam's Prepping With Big Flavors". 

Communications Electronics & Herbal Remedies for Bugging Out and Bugging In

Vince DeNiro
(Description to come)

Dairy Goats- How to Milk and Care for Them

Polly Lush
This class will teach you the basics of what you need to know to make dairy goats part of your homestead or retreat.  You will also learn safe handling of fresh milk and proper care of the udder before and after milking.
Optional- some of the the class attendees can get hands-on experience milking the goats.
Free Samples and taste comparisons between goat and cow's milk will be available all day.


Dehydrating Basics & Beyond

Grannie Pam
 Learn what, where and how to dehydrate and why dehydrating foods is one of the simplest, easiest, and best ways to store food.  A 5 lb bag of corn can be reduced down to a sandwich bag.  Dehydrating takes very little space,  and doesn't require heavy glass jars that can fall and break off your shelf.  Find out all you need to know about dehydrating, and how to get the right equipment to do it.

Developing the Survivalist Eye (Nature Walk & Talk-combined with Wild Edibles & Medicinal plants)

Richard Cleveland
Richard teaches programs throughout the United States and has also led programs in Australia. He has taught survival and self-reliance skills to Navy Seals and civilians alike. His Survival School has been featured on cable TV shows, local news channels and various publications. During the past 21 years Richard has taught nature awareness and survival skills to thousands of people of all ages. He is an avid outdoorsman, fishing guide, writer, public speaker and a self-trained Naturalist.  

Dutch Oven & Camp Cooking

Melissa Williams
Learn the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts;  andeven the best kind of wood to use, when you are primitive camp cooking or Dutch Oven cooking.
Melissa is an avid prepper,  a teacher and a student of the old ways.  She has made it her mission to learn to live without electricity and to become proficient with the skills our ancestors survived on.  She teaches campfire cooking at preparedness events and enjoys serving up tasty campfire cuisine while allowing those who wish to get involved learn by doing!  

Essential Oils Survival Kits and Beyond!

Trish Deer
Learn from Trish Deer’s  experience and knowledge about essential oils in an Introduction to Essential Oils class.  You are invited to take advantage of this opportunity to learn, experience and grow with Essential Oils.  From pain relief to dental care, first aid and weight loss, essential oils are powerful allies that protect us from the ravages of our modern lifestyle and help detoxify our bodies. Sample various oils, Experience oil’s therapeutic effects, Learn the difference between essential oils and why Young Living Oils are 100% quality, Hear how oils can relieve pain and inflammation, Discover how oils can improve your immune system, Learn application techniques and how to use oils, Explore the addition oils can make to your life, Learn how oils dissolve fats in your body, Leave feeling refreshed and empowered, Sample Young Living Oils and Products.
Please join us if you are interested in obtaining and preserving your health naturally.

Family Preparedness 

Tara Dodrill
(More info to come)

Finding God in a Crisis
Keith Iton- Author- The Prepper and the Preacher
This class focuses on the spiritual side of prepping. Hear simple yet time tested biblical techniques to receive supernatural help in an emergency.   

 Firearms for Survival 
Vince DeNiro
Learn the types, evaluations systems, the firearm battery, laws and ammunition in this comprehensive class on using firearms for survival from the publisher of Prepper and Shooter Magazine. 

 First Aid for Preparedness
Skinny Medic
 In a disaster or grid down situation, there may be a break down of conventional medical infrastructure, and you may not be able to get your local EMT's to your location.  And in a disaster situation, you are much more likely to have you, or a loved on, in need of immediate medical assistance.
Skinny Medic on YouTube is a full time paramedic.  He has been in 911 EMS for 12 years. He posts videos that can help you in a wilderness situation, or in a situation, where you have little to no medical help.  He is funny, informative and a wealth of information and experience.  If you are concerned about what you would do when the normal medical infrastructure breaks down, you need to take this class.  As Skinny Medic says: "You never know when you will be the first responder".

Fitness for Preparedness  

 Mrs. Stay Frosty
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Get Off the Grid –Starting Now!  

 Jason Matyas
 The modern grid – comprised of different component parts such as the corporatist economy, electrical power grid, surveillance grid, consumption/entertainment culture, and disintegration of the family – all work together to make you dependent and put you in an ever-shrinking box that limits your freedom and prosperity.  The current economic depression will not change course to improve your situation – you must understand your situation and quickly take wise action to prepare your family for what’s ahead.  The hour is late – don’t wait any longer.

GMOs - Myths and Truths 

 Samm Simpson
GMO’s and the chemicals of the food and agriculture industry are killing us all silently and without our consent (or in most cases our knowledge).  Find out what is really going on, what the multi-billion dollar giants are doing to keep us in the dark, and how government corruption is doing anything but looking out for the health and safety of its citizens.  And find out what you can do to protect yourself and stop this insanity.

Goat Packing- How to Pack the Dairy Goat for Hiking and Travel 

Polly Lush

Learn how you can take your goat along as a camping companion and use it as both a pack animal and food source. Yes, fresh milk in camp as well as fresh cheese. 
 Find the proper way to use a dairy goat as a pack animal and using your goat as an on-going  protein producing bug-out animal.  Find out how much weight is appropriate for your travel animal, and how to properly distribute the weight.

Gold & Silver- What You Need to Know

Keith Iton
From gold bars to Troy ounces to junk silver.  There are things you need to know about buying and trading in physical bullion, and there are tips you need to know as a prepper.  If you are eager to learn about the world of precious metals, stop by the Gold  & Silver class at prepper camp. 

Ham Radio and Emergency Communications

Richard Day
Communications and one of the most important aspects of prepping – after water, food, protection, and shelter.  How important is communication in a grid-down situation? How do I keep from being triangulated by the watchers?   Find out about Ham Radio and what you need to know as a prepper.  During this seminar you will also learn: How to find an inexpensive 2-meter radio;  How to program it with the various frequencies;  Who can help you with the radio protocol;   How a repeater works; If you need to use a repeater;  How to keep your radios charged; and How to keep from being triangulated by the watchers.
Attend this seminar and learn what you really need to know about radio communications.

Grid Failure- How it Can Happen; How to Prepare for It.

Tara Dodrill
What would happen if the grid went down? How could it happen? How would it change your life? How would it change America? Tara Dodrill will speak on the power grid, it’s frailties, identifying threats, and how YOU can prepare for it. 


Heat and Hot Water for Your Retreat

Scott Hunt
(More Info to come) Heat and Hot Water for Your Retreat

Horse as a Bug Out Vehicle

Al Bluhm
Using a horse as a bug out bag and bug out vehicle, and how to adapt a personal BOB to fit on a horse.  
Find out what to pack and how to pack it, how to balance multiple packs on a western saddle.  Also find out about advanced saddle packs that you can get for your horse and how to pack them as a BOB.

Human Powered Generator- Build Your Own - With Stuff You Can Get From Lowes! (Vriliac Generator)

Richard Day, George Korper
Rich Day and George Korper have developed a simple to use, and robust Vriliac Generator.  The Vriliac Dynamic Generator (VDG) is an elegant solution because you crank it with your arms or your legs.  You can use it to power your TV, cell phone, radio, or computer, and of course, lights.  
Solar photo-voltaic cells have their place, but they aren’t portable for a bug out situation.  They are easily damaged by vandals and you can’t depend on sunny days and are easily damaged by lightning or Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP).
And we can show you how to actually construct your own Vriliac Generator.  Save money, and have fun.  You will know all the down and dirty details about your generator. 

 Krav Maga and Self Defense

 Kirk Huggins Rogers
Learn how to incorporate Krav Maga (a self-defense system developed for the Israel military) into your own practical self-defense plan with Heroic Fitness and Krav Maga Instructor, Kirk Huggins Rogers. Learn how to break free and get distance from an attacker, and how to defend yourself in the process.

(The) Liberty Convention- Stopping Runaway Government and Taking Back Our Country

Omer Causey
Some events are beyond our control.  Some are perhaps inevitable.   Solar flares and weather extremes come to mind.  We prepare for those kind of events because we can't control them.
Destruction of the American way of life by a corrupt, or merely inept, government is not an inevitable event unless we allow it to happen by continuing to take no effective action to rein in the runaway Washington establishment.  Prevention is possible; preparation is what we will fall back on if we fail.
In this seminar Omer Causey will show you how federal government collapse and abuse of executive power can be headed off at the pass without having to go hand-to-hand with a formation of Bradley Fighting Vehicles.
Learn about The Liberty Convention Initiative and it effort to solve the critical problems created by a runaway federal government that has long since ceased to conduct itself in accordance with the Constitution and the best interests of its true constituency -- the American people.

Making Flour and Nut Butters; Home-Milling and Bulk Food/Grain Storage

Grannie Pam & The Grain Loft
Learn how to grind storage grains into flour and other products that you can cook and eat.  Find out about the different options of grains and grain mills available and the benefits of each. And learn the best way to store your flour after you mill it.


Making Your Own Hygiene Products- When Going to the Store Is Not an Option!    

Tiffiney Addis, Lisa Stone, Laura McGraw

What will you do for your daily hygiene needs when going to the store is no longer an option? Learn how to make your own products such as deodorant, bug spray, wound healing spray and other beauty/skincare items. All of our recipes are quick, easy and made with ingredients you probably already have. Start making these products for yourself NOW so when going to the store is no longer an option you'll already be prepared. 


Martial Law - What You Need to Know

Omer Causey
Omer Causey, Florida lawyer, political activist and founder/coordinator of The Liberty Convention Initiative, will discuss American historical events involving imposition of martial law (with or without formal declaration), dating from before the Revolutionary War to the Baltimore riots of April 2015 (or later if events warrant). 

The focus of the presentation will be on common law, constitutional and statutory underpinnings of martial law, specific circumstances where martial law has been invoked by federal and state authorities, court actions and judicial opinions relating to martial law, and the practical effect of the suspension of habeas corpus

Military Surplus- What You Really Need to Know Before You Buy

Tim Glance- Old Grouch
 (Class Description to come)

Night Vision & Thermal Optics

Rich Davis
Being able to see at night is a huge force multiplier against bad guys and others who would like to take your stuff, or do harm to your family.  You cannot always have enough people to be able to defend your home, but with these devices, you can see when your attackers cannot.
This class will provide you with an informal look (literally) at night vision and thermal imaging.  See how each works, what the costs are, and if you are on a budget, how to get the most "bang" for your buck.
This class will be held in the dark.  (See if you can find it.)

Oath Keepers- Not on Our Watch!

Stewart Rhodes -Founder and President of Oath Keepers
Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders  who pledge to fulfill the oath all military and police take to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” That oath, mandated by Article VI of the Constitution itself, is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and Oath Keepers declare that they will not obey unconstitutional orders, such as orders to disarm the American people, to conduct warrantless searches, or to detain Americans as “enemy combatants” in violation of their ancient right to jury trial. 

Oath Keepers reaches out to both current serving and veterans to remind them of their oaths, to teach them more about the Constitution they swore to defend, and to inspire them to defend it. See below for details on how we do that.

Our motto is “Not on our watch! 

Perimeter Defense for the Home and Retreat  

Charley Hogwood
(More info to come)

Practical Horse Usage in SHTF Situations  

Al Bluhm
Using horses for power and work, when the grid goes down- such as using them to replace machinery and to move logs, etc. Protecting  your horse in SHTF situations- Weather related, forest fire, and evacuation situations.


Preparedness Basics 

Survivor Jane
 Survivor Jane will share what basic preparedness is all about and how to begin preparing by focusing on the essential basic needs of survival and sharing money saving tips to get there. 
Find out how you can replace toilet paper forever with a simple garden sprayer, how you can vacuum seal food using a brake bleeder, as well as how to make your own personal health and hygiene products -including make-up- from simple food storage items.

Preparing for a Financial Crisis

Rich Davis
Are you prepared for a Financial Crisis? Rich Davis founder of BEST FQ will provide the financial intelligence needed to create a non-traditional asset portfolio investing in Real Assets such as Clean Water, Agricultural & Farm Land, Precious, Base Metals & Minerals Mining, Energy, & Timber.

Prepping for Kids- How to Raise a Self-Reliant Child

Tara Dodrill
(Children's Prepper Class- more info to come)

Primitive Fishing - How to Make What You Need- When You Have Nothing Else.

Eugene Runkis
Eugene Runkis is the star of the Hillbilly Blood TV series and is a primitives skills expert and all around wilderness “McGyver” .  Gene will show you how to make lures, line and bait, just from things you find in the woods.  Gene will show you how to make lures from grape vine claspers and tree thorns,  that mimic insects such as wasps, grass hoppers, water striders and more.  An expert in all forms of hook making, Gene will teach the manufacture of hooks that require no lashing or tying. Friction fit and wedged together, these tools are incredibly strong, and dependable, and can keep you alive, even when you are without equipment and supplies. 

Primitive, Simple and Quick Shelters

Tim Glance- Old Grouch Vendor Tent 
Richard Cleveland- Beach
Disasters don't often come with a warning. And sometimes in a survival situation, weather can change fast.  Having shelter can often mean the difference between life and death.  Learn how to make primitive shelters, as well as simple and quick shelters that in a pinch could provide you with life saving protection from the cold, the rain, and creepy crawlers when you are on the go.  

Probiotics 101 – Fermentation and Culturing vegetables- Gut Health!

Trish Deer
Probiotics 101:  Known as "fermenting" or "pickling" or "culturing" your veggies!  The health benefits are immense!! Superior nutrition and so yummy!  You are making your own probiotics and building your immune system in your gut!  Your gut is your first line of defense.  Since Biblical days "pickling" is how we would save our foods.  Now with pasteurization and refrigeration, our foods are DEAD and we have no good bacteria to repopulate our guts to keep us healthy!  Between vaccines, antibiotic usage, meat & dairy products (loaded with antibiotics), our guts don't have a chance... all these wipe out our beneficial bacteria!
 You will   learn how to make cultured veggies as well as how to make amazing kombucha (a fermented tea and amazing probiotic properties).

Radiation Preparedness  

Craig Douglas
What are the differences between alpha, beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation?  How do I protect myself from each type of radiation? Should I we be concerned about the Japan meltdown? How to check food and water for contamination. Is a nuclear war survivable? Preparing for a nuclear event on a limited budget. Facts about the old civil defense radiation equipment. What equipment do I need to measure radiation? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this seminar.

Retreat Water systems (solar pumps, hand pumps, rain water catchment systems)

Scott Hunt- Engineer 775; Practical Preppers
Learn the ins and outs of retreat water systems, from Rain Water Collection, to Spring Boxes, to Solar Water Pump systems.  Learn what works best for your situation, and how you can maximize your water assets to make you more sustainable and to save you money.
Scott Hunt is a sustainable living design engineer.  He specializes in off-grid water and energy systems.  His expertise in mechanical engineering combined with good old-fashioned know-how gleaned from experience “on the farm and in the woods” has enabled him to draw closer to that goal of a fully sustainable lifestyle. 
If he isn't installing a prepper system for a client, speaking at a conference, consulting via the phone, then you will find him in his shop tinkering on the next cool project.  

Secret Garden of Survival- How to Grow a Camouflaged Food-Forest

Rick Austin- The Survivalist Gardener
Imagine a food garden that you only have to plant once in your life-time, that takes up very little space, that will provide food for you and your family for the next 30 years; that can grow five times more food per square foot than traditional or commercial gardening; and where you never have to weed, never have to use fertilizers and never have to use pesticide-- ever.
And the whole garden is disguised to look like overgrown underbrush, so that anyone passing by would not even dream that you had food growing there!
 It’s the essential prepper food source that can provide you with all the fruit, vegetables, nuts and berries, that you and your family can consume in a year.


Secret Greenhouse of Survival- How to Build the Ultimate Homestead & Prepper Greenhouse

 Rick Austin- The Survivalist Gardener
Imagine a greenhouse that heats your home in the winter; and heats your water; that grows five times more food per sq. ft. than a hoop house; that provides food for you and your family all year long; where your food grows in 3 dimensions; where you never have to use fertilizer; where you never have to use pesticide, and where you can grow exotic foods, i.e. citrus or coffee trees in New England); that allows you to start seedlings in the spring; that hides your solar electric system; and that can house your small animals or incubate chickens and ducks.
All disguised to look like a porch on your home, so that desperate and hungry passersby would  have no idea that you have food growing there. 


Secret Livestock of Survival- How to Raise Sustainable Livestock for Preppers and Homesteaders

 Rick Austin- The Survivalist Gardener
(More to come)


Storage Food

Jennifer Elswick
Storage food is storage food right?  They’re all the same- right?  Wrong!  There are huge differences in the prepackaged, number 10 canned survival and storage foods out there.  Find out how you can have storage food without GMO’s, without MSG, without chemicals, and that looks like and tastes like the stuff that the label says is in the can!  And it can even save you money vs. buying everyday food from your grocery store. Find out how food storage is your magic key to preparedness, networking and saving money.


SUN OVEN Cooking & More – Using the Sun to be Prepared for Emergencies-

Paul Munsen
Learn how to harness the power of the sun to cook, dehydrate, purify water and be better prepared for emergencies. Paul Munsen, of SUN OVENS  International, will cover everything you need to know about using a SUN OVEN to bake, boil and steam foods. He will show how practical and easy it is to cook in a SUN OVEN and discuss the many economic, health and  environmental benefits of cooking with the sun.
You will never have to worry about burning dinner again. Discover how to use a SUN OVEN to  naturally dehydrate fruits and vegetables, and  enhance winter sprouting. Find out how to reduce your utility bills and  the amount of fuel you need to store for emergency preparedness while  helping families in deforested developing countries around the world.

Survival & Prepper Groups-  Dos and Don’ts- From the Survival Group Handbook

Charley Hogwood
Charley Hogwood has many years of experience in the military as a Reconnaissance Scout and Infantry Squad Leader  where his job was to train and lead people of various skill levels and personalities    in a multitude of missions in the field.
Charley holds several State Certified Construction licenses,   has  35 FEMA certifications and a certificate in Emergency Management.    
He took his passion of preparedness to work by creating Personal Readiness Education Programs    where he trains people in the ways of survival and preparedness.
 Through this experience he wrote the first book ever written on the subject of developing groups in survival. Now he speaks on how to build survival groups and how to fix ones that aren't working. 


Survival Medicine- Where You are the Doctor

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy-
 Joe Alton, also known as Dr. Bones, the Disaster Doctor, is an M.D. and Amy Alton, also known as Nurse Amy, is an advanced registered nurse practitioner and a certified nurse midwife.  They are the authors of the #1 Amazon Bestseller in Survival Skills, Disaster Relief, and Safety/First aid  called: “The Survival Medicine Handbook”; a guide for when medical help is not on the way.  They have just published a brand new 560 page 2nd edition to their book about survival medicine.
Watch this humorous and informative presentation at a special time in the schedule.
Find out what to do, when the only doctor available is YOU. 

Survival Mindset - Your Will to Survive

 Dale Stewart
Situational Awareness and the Survival Mindset  –When you think about survival, you think about equipment and techniques such as fire starting, shelter construction, finding food and water that can save your lives in the face of imminent danger.
 All important skills to have – but there is one more thing that is often overlooked and arguably more important than any survival gadget you own. Your brain – more specifically, your mindset. It is the most important tool you have.  Survival is a mind over matter situation. 
 What the audience will learn - What is a Survival Mindset - You are born with a will to survive, but you can improve our survival mindset through training.  Fear - Using it as a reminder.  Goal Setting - You know the importance of setting goals in life. They help you achieve and give you a plan that you can follow. In a survival situation, goal setting is even more important. Breathing Control - Your body is programmed to react in stressful situations, but the chemicals released in your bloodstream make your body very reactive and years of physical and mental training can be lost in an instant. Visualization - Why it is important  to visualize the successful completion of an action before you begin that action. Self-Talk - In order to maintain a survival mindset, you must rely on positive thinking. I will discuss how talking to yourself helps with this challenge. 

Tactical Survival Training- Awareness, Escape, and Evasion- Plus Basic Survival Techniques

Macca- StayFrostyUSA
Learn military tactics and techniques taught in a easy to understand format. Everything from navigation to evasion will be covered.  
In a survival situation, awareness of your surroundings and evading detection and capture, may be the difference between life and death.  Learn this and some basic survival techniques from one of the best. Macca was a Sgt in the SASR, a member of TAG east security force for the Sydney 2000 Olympics and had numerous deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq , Africa and South east Asia in combat roles;  and then later as security trainer and advisor to indigenous forces.
And you will learn some simple hand to hand self-defense, as well as what Macca carried in his battle zone pack (his battle BOB).

Top 12 Knots That Can Save Your Life

 Toney Haney- the Ropeman
Knot tying has always been one of those key outdoor skills that many take for granted. A good knot can save lives and save valuable time. But you have to know how to tie it.  Ropeman will teach the most important practical knots that everyone can use even in everyday tasks.  Learn to tie the Top 12 Knots That Can Save Your Life.

Tracking and Trapping 

Eugen Runkis
Eugene Runkis is the star of the Hillbilly Blood TV series and is a primitives skills expert and all around wilderness “McGyver”. Also known as "Trapper Jack", Eugene’s skills include Survival and Bushcraft, primitive tool and weapons, bow making, primitive pottery, and survival trapping to name only a few!,Come join Gene as he teaches you how to survive, by tracking and trapping animals. 

Use of Force

Shannon Frazier 

Explore when and how to use force against a threat, both lethal and non-lethal. I carry a handgun everywhere.  But I also carry OC spray.  WAY too often folks don't think about less than lethal force and unfortunately when the only tool you have is a hammer, all your problems begin to look like nails.  OC works for a much larger segment of the population than any martial art, and it has much less potential for legal issues than a handgun. 

What Goes In a Med Kit?

Skinny Medic
Skinny Medic on YouTube is a full time paramedic.  He has been in 911 EMS for 12 years. He posts videos that can help you in a wilderness situation, or in a situation, where you have little to no medical help.  He is funny, informative and a wealth of information and experience.  If you are a prepper, and you want to know what is vital to have in your med kit- you need to take this class.  As Skinny Medic says: "You never know when you will be the first responder".

So, You Are Going To Bug Out To The Forest After The SHTF, Better Read This Report First!

How many times have you heard someone say, “When the SHTF I am just going to bugout to the woods,” and think that such a “plan” is a simp...