Agenda 21 Tactics Emerging Once Again, This Time In Colorado

Agenda 21 concerns have been raised in Colorado during a debate over private land and fruit trees – and the issue is one that counties all across the United States are tackling.

Scott McInnis, a recently elected Mesa County commissioner and former US congressman, has voiced concerns over what is called a “conservation easement” in the Palisade area in the county.
The conservation easement request is from owners of a 22-acre property which is encompassed by apricot and peach trees.
 Supporters of conservation easements say they actually protect private land; under the legal agreement the landowner agrees to donate property rights to a “land trust,” and the owner in return receives tax credits and supposedly peace of mind that his or her land is protected.

One popular supporter of easements is the Land Trust Alliance, which says conservation easements permanently limit “uses of the land in order to protect its conservation values.” More than 6 million acres of land in the US involves conservation easements, the alliance said.
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