Meet The Prepared Family At Prepper Camp!

Meet The Prepared Family, and a multitude of self-reliance, off the grid living, and preparedness experts at Prepper Camp! The second annual event will take place in Saluda, North Carolina September 18-20. The 3-day total hands-on immersion survival event is THE one prepper
"expo" you should plan to attend this year. Sitting or standing for hours merely listening to prepper experts talk simply cannot compare to the interactive learning and fun you will experience while spending three days at the beautiful Orchard Lake Campground in the hills of North Carolina.

There will be approximately 8 classes scheduled per hour each day during Prepper Camp 2015. A detailed class listing is now available on the Prepper Camp website. You will definitely want to print out the class list, grab a highlighter pen, and start marking which classes you and your spouse or friends want to attend each day. Going to class together can be a lot of fun too of course, but you will be able to enjoy more of the offerings of the hands-on preparedness event if you split up for at least part of the day.

"Unlike attending an event inside a convention center, Prepper Camp is national event, held in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, and located in a campground venue that allows you to experience preparedness information, survival skills, and camp-craft activities like no other preparedness conference."

Prepper Camp is a family affair. This year there will be a course designed specifically for parents to enjoy with their children while the kiddos learn how to enhance their own self-reliance skills! The Orchard Lake Campground boasts a plethora of recreational activities, including a game room, paddleboats, a zipline, and a playground.