Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Prepper Camp Speaker Highlight - Eugene Runkis- TV Star of Hillbilly Blood, Primitive Skills Expert and Wilderness 'McGyver'

Hillbilly Blood star Eugene Runkis will once again be appearing at Prepper Camp again this year. Eugene’s skills include Survival and Bushcraft, primitive tool and weapons, bow making, primitive pottery, survival trapping, Boat and Coricle Making, modern and primitive trapping, Camo & Concealment, Stealth and Evasion, Escrima and martial arts, Bush Medicine, Black Smithing, Mountaineering & Orienteering, Primitive Basket and Bowl Making, Wood Burning and Dugouts, Stone Works, WoodLore, Bushcraft, Carpentry, Welding,  Machining, and much more! 

"As seen on Destination America's TV Show Hillbilly Blood, Eugene Runkis has been honing his survival skills and creating handmade knives for as long as he can remember. Born and raised in the woods, Eugene has a wealth of information on survival."

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