Prepper Camp Speaker Highlights - Charley Hogwood To Appear At Premiere Prepper Expos

Personal Readiness Education Programs (P.R.E.P) owner Charley Hogwood will be among the featured speakers at Prepper Camp in Saluda, North Carolina this fall. I firmly feel everyone concerned about self-reliance and survival should attempt the second annual 3-day hands-on expo, but unfortunately such a massive prepper get together is just possible due to space limitations and the budget constraints of prepping families. 

Being unable to attend Prepper Camp this year does not mean you have to miss the wisdom and tips offered by Hogwood - and other presenters as well. Of course, actually being there is always the most exciting and rewarding option, you can still learn more about the role and important of mutual assistance groups by purchasing Charley's book, The Survivalist Group Handbook and listening to him on preparedness radio shows.

Charley  Hogwood has many years of experience in the military as a Reconnaissance Scout and Infantry Squad Leader     where his job was to train and lead people of various skill levels and personalities    in a multitude of missions in the field.

 After leaving the service Charley has spent many years in project management and business development. His work has been primarily in the field of utility infrastructure.
Charley holds several State Certified Construction licenses,  has  35 FEMA certifications  and a certificate in Emergency Management.    

He took his passion of preparedness to work by creating Personal Readiness Education Programs    where he trains people in the ways of survival and preparedness.

Through this experience  he wrote the first book ever written on the subject of developing groups in survival. Charley now travels and speaks on how to build survival groups and how to fix one that isn’t working. 

P..R.E.P About Us Excerpt

From harsh economic times to record setting natural disasters, the average American citizen has had to learn how to adapt to the new normal.

The year 2011 tied with the 2008 record for disaster damage, with 9 disasters costing $1 billion or more and the trends are continuing. The unemployment rate has seen record highs, and the federal government is scrambling to make ends meet and the public seems more divided than ever. In these uncertain times, it’s important to be prepared for any kind of crisis, whether it’s economic, weather related, geopolitical turmoil, civil unrest or even job loss.

At P.R.E.P., our goal is to teach you, your family, and your business how to go from reactive, to proactive. By using hazard analysis, risk assessment and impact analysis methodologies we will help you identify what to really worry about and how to reduce those impacts on you. We’ve taken our years of experience in disaster preparedness and refined volumes of information in order to bring you the best in both skills and supplies. From our personalized disaster plans to our skills classes, we will help you be confident in your ability to weather any storm.

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