The Prepper and the Preacher - Preparedness Radio Network Interview Hosted By Survivalist Gardener Rick Austin

Did you know that many Christian pastors are now having the same dream about Russians attacking America and about a coming giant tsunami?

Listen as Keith Iton, preparedness speaker, author and pastor talks about his new book The Prepper and the Preacher- A Spiritual Survival Guide.
Keith shares real life examples of people in survival situations, who should not have survived, except for their faith and prayer.
Find out why Keith says that most pastors and churches in America are not telling their parishioners  to prepare, and why that is wrong!

Keith will show you how your relationship with God can make you a more effective and survivable prepper.
Noah entered the Ark for safety. The best Ark today is…
Find out all this and more at this week’s Secrets of a Survivalist Radio show.