The Prepping Newlyweds Website Publishes First Post, Many More Great Things To Come From These Young Preppers!

The Prepping Newlyweds just published their first post and will be filling up their website with a multitude of self-reliance and self-defense advice for college age preppers and young preparedness minded families. The Prepping Newlyweds also recently launched their YouTube channel.

"We prep because we love our family. Becoming more self-reliant and prepared to deal with any natural or man-made disaster which could occur helps us sleep soundly at night. Prepping is a form of insurance, just like the insurance you buy for your car, house, or motorcycle. Stocking up long-term storage food, heirloom seeds, first aid supplies, and ammo is a great first step on your journey towards self-reliance." read the rest of the first post by The Prepping Newlyweds on their website.

The Prepping Newlyweds "about us" describes what is important to young survivalist family of three!

"Welcome to The Prepping Newlyweds blog! We were introduced to prepping by our family and feel strongly about educating other 20somethings and young families about self-reliance. Through posts on this blog and videos on our The Prepping Newlyweds Youtube channel we hope to help others learn the importance of preparing the entire family for long-term disasters while sharing modern homesteading and off the grid living techniques."