Top 5 Places To Score Cheap Preps

Bartering is becoming more commonplace in our struggling economy. Bartering for preps is occurring both in person and via virtual marketplaces online. Bartering deals often involve both tangible items and trades for services and skills training. Opportunities to swap unwanted items or share your skills exist both on-site and online. To take full advantage of the increasingly popular bartering economy, you have to know both what to buy and where to look for the best deal.

When searching for future bartering items, make sure to include medical products, hand tools, and other items which can be used during a power grid down scenario. Batteries and flashlights will likely be sought after items during both short term and long term disasters.

While at a yard sale, flea market, or auction, it is easy to become either overwhelmed or fall into the over-buying trap. Make a list of items you consider quality bartering options and search for them first and attempt to refrain from buying other items until you have viewed all there is to offer and marked the primary needs off your list due to unavailability, price, or condition.

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