Top 5 Self-Reliant Skills Every Child Should Learn This Summer

In our modern world, parenting is too often done in between rigidly scheduled activities and when children can be pried away from smart phones, laptops and video games. In the midst of all of that, how do you raise a self-reliant child?

The first step to raising a self-reliant child involves disconnecting from electronic devices and reconnecting as a family unit.

Learning is fun and should be presented as an exciting and challenging activity — not a tedious task which resembles homework. Parents should teach children basic survival and first aid skills – and summertime offers a perfect opportunity to do just that.

Parents and children are not attached at the hip, so we need to teach our kids how to protect themselves in an age-appropriate manner. A sense of maturity, the ability to not panic when faced with adversity, and an overall sense of responsibility do not suddenly materialize when little Timmy or Suzie Q turn 18. Click here to read the full report on Off The Grid News.