Concealed Carry Permits Increase, Crimes Goes Down - More Women Exercising Their Second Amendment Rights

Turn on the news any given day and a plethora of reasons reminding us of exactly why we should cherish the Second Amendment, present themselves. The right to bear arms also offers us the ability to spend just a few hours in a class demonstrating our gun skills, in order to garner a concealed carry permit. Who should get a concealed carry class? Every sane non-felon who is physically able to safely shoot a gun.

Unfortunately the government will not allow anyone under the age of 21 to get a concealed carry permit. A lack of maturity is the most often-cited reason for the age restriction. Apparently, at 18 you are considered mature enough to vote for the leader of the free world, get married, enter in legally binding contracts, join the military and shoot a grenade launcher, but just can’t be trusted to pack a .22 in an ankle holster for personal protection. Maybe one day the arbitrary age restriction will change. Because possessing common sense is not a requirement for holding public, we best not hold our breath waiting for such an alteration to the law to occur.

After practicing for nearly a year, I finally felt ready to go take my concealed carry class recently. I did not want to be “the girl” in the class, and being competitive by nature, I actually wanted to the best shooter in the course.

The amount of time I spent training was not only to garner bragging rights over my dear son-in-law James, who took the class with me, but also involved a desire to know my .40 caliber Ruger inside and out and be able to troubleshoot any problem which could occur. I also wanted to be able to take my Ruger apart and put it back together with my eyes shut, basically I wanted to be a quality and responsible shooter.
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