Food Supply Threats - Can You Feed Your Family If Grocery Stores Close Tomorrow?

Is the Earth really only 3 catastrophes away from total chaos in our food supply chain? Scientists are warning that the world is just three weather-related catastrophes away from global food supply chaos. A study by Britain’s Anglia Ruskin University, commissioned by Lloyd’s of London, vividly points out the fragility of the food supply and how faith in the food security of America could be entirely misplaced.

Preppers already know the value of shelf stable – long-term food storage, as well as the importance of growing and raising your own food. Sadly, the bulk of mainstream America simply go on assuming that grocery store shelves will remain full until the end of time. If you are tending a robust garden, have a pasture full of livestock and have stocked up on the great-tasting and affordable long-term food storage offered by eFoodsDirect (alright, shameless promotion for the company there, but the food is good and doesn’t have a hefty price tag) it’s all good, right? Not really.
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