MS13 Invading America - Border Security Lapses Will Make Civil Unrest Even More Deadly After The SHTF

MS-13 gang members are among the illegal immigrants being held at Texas border facilities. The young males who admitted to being in the gang are also reportedly attempting to recruit younger "unaccompanied minors" into their drug-running group. Border Patrol agents say their hands are tied to separate the members of the deadly gang from the younger boys or to schedule them for immediate deportation because MS-13 members are minors themselves.

An internal summary of Border Patrol operations at the Nogales, Arizona U.S. Customs and Border Protection (ICE) facility indicates that 16 illegal immigrants, males 15 to 17, are part of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang. The New American says Townhall, an online political magazine, first obtained the report now being widely cited by other news outlets.

If the illegal immigrants report is accurate, Border Patrol agents in Nogales were informed of the MS-13 presence among the group of detainees after gang graffiti was etched onto the walls of the federal facility. Click here to read the rest of my MS13 "border insecurity" report on the Inquisitr.