Mullein - The Wonder Weed That Even Doubles As A Torch

Mullein has many uses – and is known by many names. The herbal plant, which is also widely known as begger’s blanket, lungwort, and candlewick, is both tall and downy.

For hundreds of years folks dunked the mullein plant’s stalk in tallow so it could be used as a torch or candle — and it still can be used in that manner today. The soft and hairy leaves of the mullein plant earned it the begger’s blanket nickname and made it a coveted possession when folks chose, or were forced to, sleep outdoors.

Mullein grows in barren, dry places, and has been heralded for its medicinal properties for centuries. The gray-green rosette of the mullein plant produces 6- to 12-inch leaves. Click to read the rest of my Mullein report on Off The Grid News.