New EMP Weapon Revealed, Could It Cause TEOTWAWKI?

The Air Force EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapon was recently revealed in a joint release by the U.S. Military and Boeing. The high-tech weapons system has eased fears in some Americans, and prompted concerns by others.

Maybe the general public finds the EMP weapon comforting—on some level maybe I do—but the prepper in me sees a lot of red flags associated with the new high-tech weapons system. Although I have serious and deeply-held concerns regarding our massive federal government, I consider myself a patriot and respect our service members to the very deepest depths of my core.

My worries about the Air Force EMP weapon stem not from some government conspiracy mindset or fears that our dedicated Air Force members will put American infrastructure and businesses in their sights. My concerns evolved merely by taking a common sense look at the recently unveiled high-tech EMP weapons system. If we have the technology to shoot EMP blasts at our enemies, how long will it be before they have the capacity to direct the same type of destruction right back at us? I believe in American exceptionalism, but it would be pure arrogance to believe we will always be the only nation to boast such high-tech weaponry.

The Air Force EMP weapon is called CHAMPS, or Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project. Being one who focuses on power grid issues, I see the CHAMPS technology as yet another possible threat to the electrical grid.

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