Penn State Professor Calls Preppers A 'Cult'

Preppers are a cult, according to a Penn State professor who has been studying the prepping concept. Dr. Peter Behrens feels that anyone who stockpiles more than seventy-two hours’ worth of supplies is paranoid. The learned professor thinks there are three tiers of prepping: pastime, preoccupation, and pathology. I imagine he would see the errors in his thinking about day five into a civil unrest scenario.

During a recent interview, Dr. Behrens made this sweeping comparison. The Penn State professor thinks that anyone spending more than 10 percent of their time on firearms training, and garnering supplies and resources, has ventured into the dreaded “pathological prepping” zone. I spend more than 10 percent of my time any given week taking care of my rescued tortoises; perhaps I am also a part of some weird reptile cult and just did not realize it.

Even the folks at FEMA now suggest keeping three weeks’ worth of emergency supplies on hand. But Dr. Behrens feels that preppers who think having more than seventy-two hours of necessary food and supplies on hand also possess “special shorthand unique to the group.” Apparently using the phrase “bug out” qualifies as shorthand and is an indicator of cult-like behavior. The good doctor also feels that preppers have a collective “us-versus-them” mindset. For an educated man who has supposedly spent many hours researching the habits of preppers, he sure is ill-informed.

Rick Austin, author of Secret Garden of Survival and renowned preparedness speaker, had this to say when speaking to Off The Grid News about the idea of a prepper cult:

“Do people who purchase insurance have a ‘pathological preoccupation’ with scenarios which will never occur? Dr. Behrens obviously hasn’t done adequate research on the subject. The vast majority of so called ‘preppers’ are just normal people who are knowledgeable enough to understand that they need to be responsible for themselves and for their family, because it is abundantly clear that the government can’t ‘save’ everyone in times of disaster."

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