Saturday, July 11, 2015

Power Grid Down Book Trailer

Discover why threats to the power grid put American life, as we know it, at total risk. Learn preparedness tips and techniques which will help you and your family survive after the lights go out. And even learn how to thrive in the new reality, for the long-term. Learn off the grid living, homesteading, and retreat buying tips to help you avoid pitfalls that could quickly unravel even the best of survival plans.

How will you make a living in a power grid down society?
Where are the best places to score cheap preps?
Do you know what to do when you can’t call the fire department?
What the best bartering items?
Can you grow your own medicine?
What are the best off the grid home options?
How will you educate your children?
Can you treat common livestock ailments to help protect your food supply?
What are morale boosters and why are they important?
This book will answer all those questions and more!

So, You Are Going To Bug Out To The Forest After The SHTF, Better Read This Report First!

How many times have you heard someone say, “When the SHTF I am just going to bugout to the woods,” and think that such a “plan” is a simp...