Prepper Book Of The Week - Post Grid, An Amazon Best Seller!

Finding good prepper fiction is not an easy task. I tend to always write non-fiction, but do so enjoy a realistic preparedness novel which teaches as it entertains. While searching for something to dig into while waiting for Bill Forstchen's One Second After sequel, One Year After, to hit the stands, I stumbled across Post Grid.

Post Grid is well-written, grabs your attention quickly, and depicts an extremely realistic power grid down scenario which everyday people must struggle through in order to survive. The only downfall to the book is that it is currently only available in paperback and Kindle formats. Like many folks, I am pressed for time - yet still love to read. I have come to love audiobooks because I can still enjoy and learn as I listen to the book while washing dishes, in the car, on the treadmill, and sometimes while sitting in the hot tub and sipping on a Jack and Coke. Hopefully Post Grid will be boast an audiobook format one day soon. Well worth the time and reasonable sticker price.

If you would like to meet the One Second After - One Year After author and "father of the prepper movement" come to Prepper Camp in Saluda, North Carolina this fall! If Post Grid entices you to want to learn more about power grid preparedness, check out my book, Power Grid Down: How to Prepare, Survive & Thrive After The Lights Go Out.

Post Grid - by Mr Tony C Martineau (Author), Mrs Nancy J Martineau (Author), Ms Nina Champagne (Editor), Ms Linda Kage (Cover Design)

"The power grid has gone down and soon society will go with it. Kelly Wise flees the chaos of the city in hopes of reaching the relative safety of her mother's rural Arizona ranch. Along the way she encounters Jared Malloy, a sheriff's deputy. His gunshot wound makes him more of a liability than a useful ally, but Kelly is a nurse, and without her aid he likely won’t live. They might just find the help they need from a refugee Civil Air Patrol ground team that has gathered at her mother’s ranch. Kelly and Jared throw their lot in with this diverse group. But the question on all their minds is: will the group’s combined skills and knowledge prove to be enough to survive?"