Prepper Book Of The Week - Preppers Road March By Ron Foster

While hundreds of thousands are preparing for a vast variety of reasons, solar flares and threats of an EMP attack by North Korea are weighing on the minds of many right now. Either one of those disaster scenarios could significantly impact our power grid and change life as we know it. Even if a solar flare only adversely impacted our power grid for a week or even a month, civil unrest and starvation could very likely occur.

Off The Grid News recently sat down with perhaps one of the most academically and technically trained preppers in America – Ron Foster. The highly-educated former military man is a post-apocalyptic author who specializes in electromagnetic pulse and survival fiction.

Ron Foster is the author of the popular prepper and survival series, The Prepper Trilogy. In addition to holding several master’s degrees in emergency management related fields, Foster also brings real-life disaster experience to the table. The author’s academic credentials include certificates in Global Security and Terrorism Studies, Law and Public Safety, Displaced Persons, School Security and Safety Administration, and Non-Profit Organization, Administrative Science, and Emergency Management Administration.

OTG – If a Carrington Event size solar flare hit Earth today, what do you feel would happen to our power grid?

Ron – This will depend on the size and geographic orientation of the impact of a coronal mass ejection (CME) on Earth’s magnetosphere. Can you imagine if say, it was lights out for North America and Asia was somewhat spared of its effects? This scenario or its reverse is entirely plausible and the political and military ramifications of such an occurrence is something I delve into from time to time in my stories. The age and type of power plants, as well as hackers and cyber warfare opportunists could sway the outcomes of any impact on the power grids worldwide.  Brazil has been shut down by hackers during a CME event it was proven with China as the culprit.
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