Prepping Google+ Group Of The Week - Prepper's Hangout

 Google+ is my favorite prepping social media venue. Sure, Twitter has its perks, namely the #Preppertalk chats and shares which were started by my awesome "self-reliance sister" Survivor Jane, but being limited to 140 characters is, well, limiting.

After checking in with #Preppertalk several times each day, venture on over to Google+ and check out the growing number of preparedness, survival, self-reliance, and off grid living groups offered on the social media platform.

The information you find might just save your life one day!

 Prepper Hangout - G+ Prepper Group Of The Week!

 "This community is meant to bring Preppers together. I believe we can all help each other even though we may be miles apart. It is also my hope that those who are more experienced will help guide the “newbies" in the right direction. By all working together we can increase awareness, save each other money and wasted effort, plus build friendship. 

 *****If your Profile has no post, no information about you or is completely private, we will not accept you. We will also deny access if your post show that you do nothing more than post links to other sites or post. We want “thinkers”, individuals who share and take part in discussions.

***** Please post content in appropriate categories. No racism, extreme political post, no pushing religious beliefs, no pornography, no solicitation other than the sale/barter/trade section, no advertisements for your site other than in the Members Websites section, in other words, be polite and respectful to others or go start your own community...You will be banned and the post(s) will be deleted. Also, be respectful of others and DO NOT post/re-post "Personal Information" about members to others. If you feel it could be considered "Personal Information" ask permission to repost. If you do not wish your post to be reposted/shared to other communities, state this in your post. Remember, Google+ communities are not “Private” so if you don’t want it known, don’t post it."