Teaching Preparedness Resource Of The Week - Doom And Bloom Survival! Board Game

The Doom and Bloom Survival! board game is a must have for every prepper - and it is completely appropriate for prepping families to enjoy with their tweens and teens. Here at The Prepared Family, we are all about educating the masses about self-reliance. Teaching the kiddos and non-prepping loved ones the value of preparedness, is essential to your very survival. Educating others about what life would be like both during and after a SHTF scenario does not need to be scary or full of either doom or gloom.

Prepping is a lifestyle choice which must be practiced and perfected each and every day. The Doom and Bloom Survival! board game helps prepping families do just that. The game is enjoyable, educational, and prompts important discussions among players - and those the winners and losers chat with about the game the next day at work, school, or church.

I know that it is only July, but I am always on the lookout for preparedness-themed gifts to give loved ones at Christmas. We have a big family, shopping early keeps me from busting the budget and allows me the time necessary to find and make, absolutely perfect gifts with a purpose. Multiple boxes of the Doom and Bloom Survival! board game will be wrapped and placed under the tree for members of my tribe, come December.

"Joe and Amy Alton of www.doomandbloom.net, well-known authors in the field of survival, are pleased to announce their ground-breaking new project, the Doom and Bloom™ SURVIVAL! board game. Their game is the first survival board game designed by actual survivalists. The game has art by award-winning artists Kurt Miller and Josh Cappel."

Doom and Bloom™’s SURVIVAL! is a board game for 2-4 players (alternative solo and 5-8 players available soon at survivalboardgame.com). It takes place in a post-pandemic world where the survivors are few and the dangers are many. Your mission is to have your character accumulate supplies like food, fuel, weapons, and medical supplies, as well as recruit followers. You’ll travel to scout locations that may serve as a haven in which to start over. There are tough decisions to be made along the way, and there are others that want to take what you have.

In Doom and Bloom™’s SURVIVAL!, there aren’t any! We set out to provide a realistic survival scenario, and despite numerous TV shows and movies, zombies just don’t exist. Pandemics do. We wanted to show that we could put together a fun and challenging game that is based on an event that could actually happen, and its likely aftermath.

To find out more about the game, go to the link below:
Facebook: Doom and Bloom Survival Board Game
 **This Game shipment will include a copy of our Survival Medicine DVD (for use in a computer) AND one Doom and Bloom SURVIVAL! nylon Backpack.