Top 10 Survival Items You Should Have In Your Car Right Now!

I was playing the Conflicted card game with our daughter and son-in-law the other day (almost had to wrestle the deck back from Brea, she loved it) and one of the questions asked what you would do if you were 1,200 mile away from home on vacation when the SHTF and you had darn few supplies in your car. The question asked if you would just stay put, since you were so far away and were lacking gear, or would you embark on the very lengthy and likely dangerous, trek home.

Well, I snickered a bit at the question, I would never find myself 1,200 miles away from home without essential emergency gear. Ammo, long term storage food, and first aid items would definitely take precedence over a few extra pairs of cute wedge heels and funky headbands, in my suitcases. Brea and her husband James, who recently launched The Prepping Newlyweds website, agreed with both the preparedness disclaimer I uttered before answering the question, and my the decision t start the long hard journey home on foot immediately – a proud prepper momma moment right there!

 The Conflicted card game questions are very good discussion starters to use with your family and your tribe (AKA mutual assistance group) this particular one would be an eye-opener for a newbie prepper or a non-prepper you are attempting to educate, it just made me utter a chuckle of superiority because “me and mine” would never find ourselves in such dire straits due to a lack of gear on board. The survival card game question did entice me to share some vehicle centered emergency preparedness tips.

Although prepping is now second nature to me and I consider it a form of insurance that brings peace and reassurance to my life, I know I can always learn more and am eager to do so whenever the opportunity arises. The essential emergency car gear list was created with newbie preppers in mind, those veteran preppers among us should always take a moment to review the suggestions of others just in case a new helpful tidbit of information is presented.

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