Are You Avoiding The Top 10 Prepping Mistakes?

Oh, I wish I knew then what I know now. Odds are, at least a few times in your life this phrase has either rolled of your tongue or crossed your mind. We were all once prepping newbies, and likely made at least a few mistakes when first embarking on a self-reliant lifestyle or diving head-first into survival shopping sprees.

Once upon a time I became rather disgusted when I realized we had wasted time or money (or both!) along our preparedness journey. The head-shaking which occurred when I wondered aloud how we could have made such a silly mistake nearly caused whiplash a time or two. I approach the concept of prepping from both an educational and insurance perspective. I thoroughly enjoying the process of learning new off grid living tips, testing my survival skills, and researching homesteading techniques.
Although I still prefer never to waste either time or money, I can now look upon the discoveries of failures with a big sigh of relief. Better to make mistakes and learn from them now, then after the lights go out.

Top 10 Prepping Mistakes You Should Avoid Or Correct Right Now!
  1. Do not attempt to buy everything you need to survive a long-term disaster right off the bat – unless you are a millionaire. Establish a firm prepping budget, prioritize your preps, and stick to the plan. As your self-reliance skills grow, you may find that money was blown on items you will never need or could have found on sale or secondhand far more inexpensively if you would have exhibited some patience. Click here to read the rest of the top 10 prepping mistakes in my report for eFoodsDirect!