Are You Practicing Your Survival Skills This Summer? Tips To Make The Most Of Your Prepping Drills

Summer is not only a time for BBQs, baseball games, and trips to the beach. The most glorious months of the year are also a perfect time to practice your preps. Getting the entire family involved in SHTF drills and enhancing your physical readiness can be both a fun and potentially life-saving endeavor.

Prepping isn't all doom and gloom, or at least it shouldn't be. Approaching living a self-reliant existence as a form of insurance helps to keep the focus on survival while still allowing us to enjoy our lives.

Working preparedness training into your daily life — and into the lives of your children — is not a complex concept. Mundane tasks and family-time activities offer a multitude of prepping skill enhancement opportunities.

Prepper Fitness

Every day I take the wild dingoes (aka Blue Heeler puppies that are supposed to belong to my husband and daughter) to the old high school track. The old track is in a beautiful secluded spot with mildly cracked pavement. Local folks can walk with their dogs off-leash and allow their children ride bikes without fear of traffic. Click here to read the rest of the summer survival skills practice tips in my report for Survival Based.