Bandana Survival Uses - Learn How These 'Hankies' Could Help Save Your Life!

Your bugout bag, INCH bag, or get-me-home bag should not resemble Mary Poppins’ purse. The bottomless pit the British nanny packed around would be way too heavy to carry in real life. Miss Poppins may have subscribed to the prepper “one is none” mantra, but the beloved caregiver certainly did not consider the dual-purpose nature of basic survival items;  she would have needed Popeye’s muscle to pack that big dang purse of hers.

In theory, we all know that carrying out BOBs for many hours, over long distances in possibly rugged terrain will take a physical toll. But, have you actually conducted a field test to determine exactly how difficult carrying your pack would be during a disaster?

While practicing my preps this summer I started carrying my get- me- home bag while walking two or three miles at the old school track with our wild dingoes (aka Jovie and Ruger, the Blue Heeler pups), and it was an eye-opening experience, to say the least. My prepper hubby, Bobby, got the dingoes their own canine BOBs as well. Since they are not quite seven months old yet, they are still carrying them empty to get used to the movement and weight of the packs.

Although I always packed my trusty handgun during our walks, – I don’t go anywhere my Ruger SR40c cannot go as well. When switching from carrying my pistol sling to packing my full GMH bag, I quickly realized the weight increase was substantial. The sling bag contained just my handgun, two extra magazines, and my wallet. In Ohio, you must have both your ID and CCW card on you at all times. Click here to see the top 20 bandana survival uses in my report for Survival Based!