Dental Floss Survival Uses

Making sure that your bugout bag and EDC (every day carry) kit has everything you need to survive if disaster strikes is a daunting task, to say the least. Re-evaluating the items in out BOB bags, INCH bags, or get home bags on a regular basis — and making sure we know how to fully use all the items contained inside — is an extremely good and potentially life-saving idea.

Any survival item that is lightweight, takes up little space, and has multiple uses should get a gold star and be given due consideration for inclusion in the aforementioned bags. We have covered many prepping must-haves with a multitude of off-label uses on Survival Based. Dental floss is but the latest cheap-o prepper item to add to the list.

Dental health is, of course, extremely important during a long-term disaster. Poor oral hygiene can lead not only to loss of teeth (which we don’t want because teeth help us chew food, which gives us energy), but can also cause overall health concerns. Additionally, this little white string has a plethora of potential survival uses. Click here to read the rest of my dental floss survival uses report for Survival Based!