Diatomaceous Earth Survival Uses And Health Benefits

Diatomaceous earth has a multitude health benefits and should be part of your survival medicine preps. The DE supplement is a basically the dietary form of silica, which is essential to many bodily functions, according to several recent health studies. Diatomaceous earth can reportedly help strengthen joints and bones, the immune system, and aid in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

DE is also highly regarded as an “internal cleanser” and is believed to have the ability to remove parasites, intestinal bacteria, various toxins and viruses such as E-coli, from the body. Diatomaceous earth is also reportedly helpful in removing heavy metals from the body and in treating tinnitus, insomnia, and headaches.

What Is This Beneficial Type Of Earth And Where Does It Come From?

Diatomaceous earth is comprised of the fossilized shells of diatoms. A diatom, is a one-celled water plant, such as algae and phytoplankton. The miniscule plants are an essential food source for nearly all marine life. Diatoms make their exoskeletons, or shells, from soluble silica – which is basically sand, from their surroundings. When the plants die, their shells sink to the bottom of the waterway and form thick and chalky fossilized bed overtime. The fossilized sediment is diatomite or diatomaceous earth. Click here to learn the survival uses of diatomaceous earth in my report for eFoodsDirect!