Earthbag Homes The Best Choice For Prepper Retreats And Off Grid Housing?

Earthbag homes are the dirt cheap way to build the ultimate bugout retreat or 24/7 self-reliant homestead. The ultra-sturdy homes can reportedly withstand hurricanes, floods, fires, and flying bullets far better than a home constructed in a traditional manner – and far more cheaply.

Although the term earthbag home may be unfamiliar to many folks, that style of construction has been a hot topic in the off grid community for quite some time. The military may not have “invented” the process, but did help to perfect it. Bunkers and temporary living quarters for soldiers were often quickly built using bags full of dirt.

 The claims of indestructibility of earthbag houses appear to have some merit. During the Nepal 7.8 magnitude earthquake the entire village of Sangachok was leveled – with the exception of just one structure.

The village school was an earthbag structure, and was all that remained after the ground shook and wreaked havoc in the region. As Nepal began to rebuild, local officials decided to construct emergency shelters using earthbags – as was done in Haiti after the massive earthquake of 2010. Click here to see more earth bag home designs and to read the rest of my report about this popular off grid prepper retreat building choice in my report for eFoodsDirect!