Extreme Temperatures Threaten The Stability Of The Power Grid ... Again

The power grid has been pushed to the edge of collapse in Texas. Record-setting temperatures have both residents and energy experts concerned about the fragility of the vital infrastructure. Although the kiddos are heading back to school, the summer heat is still far from over. Heat-weary Texans have cranked their AC between peak hours, causing the power demand to surge to record-setting heights.

Would the health and safety of your family be in danger if the power grid failed, even for only a few days or a weak? Extreme temperatures, be they hot or cold, would be the most immediate concern – but many other life-threatening problems would also present themselves in a rather rapid fashion.

If the power grid fails, the tractor-trailers would no longer be able to deliver food to the grocery store.

The food you are growing in your backyard and have stored inside you home, would be all that stands between your loved ones and starvation. Shelf staple, or long-term storage food, would definitely be a good investment and should be at the top of you prepping budget list. A lack of medical care and the inability to call 911 to get help with safety and fire emergencies could also be a major obstacle to hurdle during a grid down disaster.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)said the demand on the power grid in the Lone Star State beat all previous usage records.

“With temperatures expected to continue to rise, we likely will see even higher demand,” ERCOT Chief Operating Officer Brad Jones stated in a release warning customers that the grid was being overly-taxed. Temperatures in have reached 101 in recent weeks, with a heat index of 107, the National Weather Service reports. ERCOT engineers have reportedly been kept quite busy working to “maintain overall reliability” in an effort to “protect the grid.” Click here to read more about power grid threats in my report for eFoodsDirect!